McDonald’s is the latest company to add NFTs to its collection of collectibles. The burger chain has been running a promotion leading up to Christmas where people could win free McRib sandwiches for life if they collected 10,000 “McMerry” cards in-game.

The “is the mcrib still available” is a question that has been asked for decades. This time, McDonald’s has found a way to tap into the McRib Mania with their latest NFT Collection.

McDonald’s USA is launching its first NFTs, following in the footsteps of its Asian competitors. The outcome is a mouthwatering recreation of the world’s most famous grilled snack, the gigantic McRib.

McDonald’s is reinstating the delectable delicacy to its menu to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this culinary marvel, much to the delight of its rabid audience. In addition, the company is releasing a limited number of McRib digital memorabilia. As a result, beginning November 1, the excellent snack will be available at McDonald’s USA stores, with an NFT “sweepstake” running from November 1 to November 7.

Fans of the occasional sandwich must follow the McDonalds Twitter account and repost the contest offer throughout the active time to be eligible to win one of these meaty artworks. Then hope and pray that they are among the chosen few. Following a brief grace period, ten fortunate winners will get a digital replica of the tangy sandwich to drool over indefinitely.

McRibMcDonald’s USA Debuts the First-Ever NFT in Celebration of the McRib’s 40th Anniversary

McRib fans have gone to great lengths in the past to get their dose, organizing whole networks of McRib spotters and even specific geolocation applications. McRib frenzy has already spread to the blockchain in the year 2021. The craze for fast food has never been higher.

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