Marvel is the most popular comic book company in the world. It has produced a range of blockbusters like The Avengers, Spiderman, Iron Man and Thor. Marvel now wants to enter into other lucrative markets such as gaming and collectibles by partnering up with Pantera Capital-owned blockchain platform & marketplace OPSkins for digital comics within their platforms

“not brand echh read online” is a NFT’s crypto comic book. It is published by Marvel and it features an original story that takes place in the Marvel universe. The first issue was released on March 27, 2018.

Marvel Digital Comics — Not Brand Echh #1

This Super Limited Edition digital comic will be available only on the VeVe app for iOS and Android on Friday, April 1, 2022 at 8 a.m. PT!


The latest offering in VeVe’s digital comic line-up is Not Brand Echh #1, another classic Marvel title. Super Limited Edition, completely legible, in blind box packaging, with five cover rarities.

Forbush Man makes his debut appearance! Four witty anecdotes in one laugh-out-loud-laugh-out-loud-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh- Meet the fearsome Silver Burper! Then there’s the momentous encounter between Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner from the original Young Allies, but have you met… Sunk-Mariner and the Human Scorch?!

This April Foolish Super Limited Edition release features VeVe-Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare covers by Ron Lim and Rachelle Rosenberg.

Date of Drop: April 1, 2022, at 8 a.m. PT 6.99 (list price) Marvel, 1967, Marvel, 1967, Marvel, 1967, Marvel, 1967, Marvel, 1967 5 different cover options 10,000 COMMON EDITIONS TOTAL — 6,000 UNCOMMON CLASSIC COVER — RARE Vintage Variant: 2,250 — 1,000 ULTRA RARE Hero Variant — Vibranium Variant: 500 SECRET RARE Vibranium Variant: 500 SECRET RARE Vibranium Variant: 500 S — 250 True Believer Variant Available all throughout the world

Important Information Regarding Comic Delivery

During high-traffic occasions, like as a drop, you will learn about the digital comic rarity only after it has been delivered to your collection, which might take 30–120 minutes.

Fees on the Secondary Market

On addition to the current VeVe 2.5 percent secondary market charge, Marvel sales in the secondary market will be subject to a 6% licensor fee, as with other Marvel digital collectibles.

Marvel Digital Comics — Not Brand Echh #1 is a comic book that was published in December 2018. The comic is about the Marvel universe and its characters, but it does not feature any of the Marvel brand names or trademarks. It is also free to read online. Reference: marvel veve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Marvel Comics available digitally?

A: Marvel Comics are available digitally, but you will not be able to purchase them directly from the online store. You can still read comics that have been released in physical form on your computer or other devices using a service like Comixology and then purchasing it at a later date if you want to own the physical copy as well.

How do I redeem my Marvel Digital Comics?

A: You can redeem your Marvel Digital Comics online or at a participating comic book retailer.

Where are my Marvel Digital Comics?

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