Manchester City and Investing in the Football Industry. Manchester City is one of Europe’s most famous clubs, known for their storied history and success in recent years. The club plans to build a new stadium that will be called Etihad Stadium after their Abu Dhabi-based sponsor; it will also have retail stores dedicated specifically to football fans from all over the world who live there

The “manchester city building world football stadium” is a virtual reality game that has been released by Manchester City. The game is set in the Metaverse and allows players to build their own stadiums, teams, and leagues.

Manchester City Announce Construction of Etihad Stadium in Metaverse -

Manchester City, dubbed the “blue half of Manchester,” is planning to construct its renowned stadium, the Etihad Stadium, in the metaverse. The effort will allow the club’s worldwide fan base to visit a virtual duplicate of the stadium, which will serve as the club’s major center for all future Web3 activities.

The five-time and current Premier League champions have signed a three-year arrangement with Sony to help with the digital building. The cooperation will make use of Sony’s subsidiary business Hawk-virtual Eye’s reality, image analysis, and skeletal-tracking capabilities, which are already market leaders in in-game sports decision technology. 

“The whole point we could imagine of having a Metaverse is you can recreate a game, you can watch the game live, you’re part of the action in a different way through different angles and you can fill the stadium as a fan,” City Football Group chief marketing officer Nuria Tarré said of the project, which will come as a relief to fans, especially those of the global variety, who are itching to get a taste of Premier League action because of the pandemic restrictions: “The whole point we 

The Blues’ move into Web3 follows Manchester United’s announcement of a lucrative sponsorship arrangement with Tezos blockchain earlier this month. 

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Manchester City announced the construction of a new stadium in the Metaverse. The stadium will be the first ever built by an NFT, and it will be open to anyone who wants to visit. Reference: manchester city building world first stadium.

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