Givenchy is the first luxury fashion house to release an official NFT collection, which includes a pair of shoes and four prints. Given their clientele and status as one of Paris’s top retailers, they are able to create high-end wearable art that will be available for purchase on the Ravello platform in Q3 2019.

The “nft collectibles” is a new type of crypto collectible, that can be bought and sold on the blockchain. The first collection from luxury fashion house Givenchy was recently released for purchase.

Luxury Fashion House Givenchy Drop First NFT Collection

Givenchy, a high-end fashion business, is ready to release its first batch of non-fungible tokens. Chito, a digital artist and frequent collaborator, has created fifteen special artworks.

Overall, each NFT has one of Chito’s signature airbrushed figures, all of which include the iconic Givenchy insignia. “Suspicious looking dog,” “frowning girl,” “youth in a horned hat,” and more images may be found in the collection. All of them are verified originals, and they’re all backed up by the unchangeable blockchain.

Givenchy Creative Director Matthew Williams said openly that he is interested in learning more about NFTs. Furthermore, Chito, a digital artist who is also engaged in the NFT community, has previously worked on a Givenchy fashion line. As a result, it provided the ideal chance to accomplish these non-fungible goals.

Givenchy’s maiden step into the lovely realm of NFTs comes with a strong rear end. As a result, the Aura Blockchain Consortium developed the smart contracts, Ledger ensured provenance, and Polygon was brought on board to reduce energy usage and network costs. A powerful team of digital trailblazers delivering the finest project structure imaginable.

The sale’s revenues will go to “Ocean Clean-Up,” a non-profit group whose objective is to eradicate 90% of the ocean’s floating garbage. This, along with Polygon’s super-efficient layer two approach, results in a very eco-friendly project that benefits the globe.

Head to OpenSea and view the collection >> Here


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