LÜM, one of the first decentralized games on Ethereum that allowed players to trade cards with each other and purchase in-game items using ether, has relaunched on Web3.

The “web 3” is a platform that works on the Ethereum network. It allows users to create decentralized applications, which are distributed and run without any central authority. LÜM is partnering with Dapper Labs to relaunch on Web3.

LÜM Partners with Dapper Labs to Relaunch on Web3

LÜM, a music-focused social network, has teamed with blockchain experts Dapper Labs as it transitions to Web3. They want to transform the music business by following the Top Shot model of fan involvement in the future.

LÜM will relaunch its service later in Q1 with a stronger focus on the interaction between fans and artists. To help with this, they’ve produced the “access pass,” a sleek, high-res 3D NFT that represents the platform’s artists. This pass will then serve as the foundation for the whole project.

“Every detail was considered while constructing our First Fan Access Passes.”

We wanted to create something that felt exclusive, collectible, but looked & felt functional. Something fans will cherish but could expect to use IRL and in the future music metaverse.”#MusicNFT pic.twitter.com/pnOmfaS7OX

12 January 2022 — LÜM (@lum xyz)

Artists will be able to build their own access cards and distribute them to their fans, allowing them to use the NFT to finance initiatives such as album releases and concerts while preserving complete control of their work. Fans may also freely swap these products via the LÜM marketplace. Long-term holders, on the other hand, will have access to extra benefits such as unique material and entertainment events.

LÜM’s exciting new enterprise will land on Dapper Labs ecologically sound Flow blockchain with 25 “globally known” artists covering a number of genres ready for the launch. LÜM is keeping the names under wraps, however, judging by marketing material, R&B singer, NE-YO is on board. By the end of the year, LÜM aims support 100 artists and has a long-term goal to increase this figure to 10,000.


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