In recent news, Luke Goss and Stars Collective announced a partnership for an exclusive drop of his highly collectable NFT.

The “luke goss paintings for sale” is an exclusive NFT that was created by Luke Goss. The artwork will be available in the Stars Collective store on July 28th, and it is a limited edition.

Luke Goss Partners with Stars Collective for Exclusive NFT Drop

Luke Goss, a very gifted interdisciplinary artist and former 80s heartthrob, has started a new project in which he will challenge the lucrative field of NFTs. The team will debut a great selection of animated tokens accompanied by fresh new music in collaboration with movie producer Peter Luo’s Stars Collective.

Luke Goss decided to be creative while the rest of the world trudged through the epidemic with synchronized disillusionment. So the Death Race (reboot) star put up a huge portfolio of 50 new tracks during a period of countless lockdowns and incomprehensible bureaucracy. Then, to complete the non-fungible experience, he matched the finest of the lot with his highly praised original paintings while sprinkling in a touch of animation magic.

The first collection to touch the blockchain, dubbed “Love and Faith,” comprises his stunning serigraph picture “Talitha.” The colorful masterpiece is complemented by the music “You Made Me Who I Am,” which is well named. When the Stars Collective NFT platform starts in March, each of these 333 museum-quality creative masterpieces of great significance will be accessible. This adds another thread to Luke Goss’ already crowded bow, while also demonstrating the Bros drummer’s musical and artistic prowess.


Peter Luo’s Stars Collective will release the full collection. A massive organization dedicated to assisting a wide spectrum of creative storytellers, as well as spreading out into the metaverse to connect with next-gen entertainment. As a consequence, the platform is looking at collaborating with around 200 well-known filmmakers and artists on NFT.


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