Cnet reports that Nike, the world’s largest sneaker company in terms of market cap is teaming up with blockchain-based augmented reality gaming platform Loopify to release a new limited edition shoe. The product will be a virtual item from (the future) where you can buy the shoes using cryptocurrency and own them forever on your digital closet.

Loopify’s “rtfkt nike acquisition price” is a collaboration with Nike that will result in the release of physical sneakers. The shoes are part of an upcoming collection and will be released on October 16th, 2018.

Loopify’s Epic RTFKT and Nike Collaboration to Manifest as IRL Sneakers

RTFKT and Loopify’s Space Drip project, which will enable holders of the coveted NFTs to claim an unique pair of digital and actual Nike-branded shoes, will soon produce fruit, giving fans of exquisite footwear cause to rejoice.

Space Drip is a major initiative bringing together the skills of 18 digital artists to create a thrilling NFT experience. It’s a partnership between Nike-owned RTFKT and NFT mover and shaker, Loopify. Each of them will show off their skills with a range of intricate ‘Among Us’-styled crafts.

Space Drip has matured like a great wine since its beginnings in March 2021. Because of RTFKT’s recent purchase by athletic behemoth Nike. The initiative has been able to offer its own line of Nike-branded footwear as a result of this tremendous achievement.


NFT redemption (Sneaker NFT redemption): 27/5/22 – 6/6/22

6/6/22 – 12/6/22 (Digital – Physical) NFT Forging

May 24, 2022, RTFKT (@RTFKT)

Holders will be able to redeem a special pair of NFT shoes from May 27 to June 6 in the future. They may then turn those NFTs into a tangible pair of Nike Air Force 1 toe warmers from June 6 to 12. Those who are fortunate enough to be a part of this fantastic NFT partnership may expect some of the greatest utilities in town.

Browse the Space Drip collection on Opensea >> Here


The “twitter nike rtfkt” is a collaboration between Nike and Loopify, which will manifest as IRL sneakers. The shoes are designed for the athletes who want to stay in touch with their fans on social media.

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