One of the most interesting ICOs that is gaining momentum in its token sale (currently at $1.5M) is LooksRare, which will be a game-changing cryptocurrency for online shopping and trading.

LooksRare is a new cryptocurrency that promises to revolutionize the way digital advertising is done. The company has entered the ring to take on OpenSea, which is a popular platform for trading digital assets. Read more in detail here: nft advertising space.

LooksRare Enters the Ring to Take on OpenSea

The LooksRare NFT marketplace, dubbed a possible OpenSea killer by many, has now arrived on the blockchain. To commemorate this momentous milestone, the team will distribute $LOOKS tokens to the world’s busiest NFT traders.

OpenSea has dominated the non-fungible scene for as long as most NFT fans have traded, significantly surpassing any other marketplace in the sector. The platform has evolved into the behemoth it is today due to the lack of a strong alternative.

LooksRare has come on the scene to correct this. Even the most devoted collectors will be enticed by decreased costs and donor benefits. LooksRare will charge a 2% platform fee on all transactions, which it will disperse to the staking pool, undercutting OpenSea’s 2.5 percent cost, and owners of Ethereum-based NFTs will be able to list their assets on the platform instantly.

The NFT Marketplace for #LooksRare is now open!

Claim for the $LOOKS airdrop is now open. Block 13977012 is where staking begins. Tomorrow is the first day of trading reward computations.


January 10, 2022 — LooksRare – NFT Marketplace (@LooksRareNFT)

LooksRare will also airdrop its native $LOOKS token to customers of the OpenSea marketplace, in a clear effort to steal people from its competitor. Anyone who traded more than 3 ETH on OpenSea between June 16 and December 16 2021 is thus eligible. Simply go to the LooksRare webpage, link a wallet, then click the “airdrop” banner at the top of the screen to claim.

Furthermore, LooksRare has thought of a brilliant way to replace the temptation to cash in the airdropped tokens with the possibility to earn more by allowing users to stake the $LOOKS tokens instantly to receive huge prizes.

Check airdrop eligibility >> Here


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The “latest nft news” is a new cryptocurrency that looks to be taking on the world’s largest marketplace, OpenSea.

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