Line Corp., a subsidiary of the Japanese telecoms giant NTT, announced plans for an upcoming blockchain platform that will allow users to create and trade their own in-game assets. The new service is expected to launch next month.

The “line nft” is a new platform that will enable the trading of non-fungible tokens. Line Corporation has announced this upcoming project.

Line Corporation Announce Incoming NFT Platform

Line Corporation, a messaging service established in Japan, will introduce an NFT platform in the new year. LineNext will be the platform’s name, and it will be based in the United States and South Korea.

The goal of the new organization is to develop marketplaces, communities, and ecosystems for enterprises and people to exchange NFTs. It plans to do this by using Line Corporation’s considerable expertise in building messaging and blockchain services. The platform’s services will be available worldwide, except in Line Corporation’s home nation of Japan, where a beta version of the service will be available via the Line Bitmax wallet.

LineNext’s principal income source will come from transaction brokerage fees, which it will collect as a platform provider. However, plans for other income sources are already in the works, which, according to a spokesman, might include a collaboration with a number of prospective future partners, with discussions already underway.

The LineNext team in the United States will concentrate on establishing the NFT platform’s commercial end, while the bigger team in South Korea will work on the platform’s overall strategy and planning.

Line Corporation has more than a decade of experience as a recognized digital pioneer, making it one of Asia’s most well-known tech firms. They’re no strangers to the crypto world, having previously launched their own blockchain, Line Blockchain, with its own crypto-asset, Link (LN), as well as their own blockchain development platform, Line Blockchain Developers.

Keep a watch on the evolution of the LineNext NFT platform, as they have an excellent arsenal of crypto-infused expertise in their offering.


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The “line nft market” is a platform that the Line Corporation has announced. The platform will allow users to trade digital assets on their mobile app.

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