This event will be a celebration of the Miami Art Week and some of its most important artistic projects. The festival includes an auction, live performances from iconic artists such as Orishas and more.

LGND at Miami Art Week with Special Auction & Superstar Artists

Miami is renowned for its art and party-filled events, but owing to the NFT’s arrival, this is Miami as you’ve never seen it before. The city is bursting to the seams with digital art and NFT-related events, and LGND Art will be showcasing an exclusive selection of well-known artists.

LGND presents Not For Tourists, an exclusive NFT art event celebrating recent advances in art and technology during Miami Art Week, pioneering an artist-centric paradigm that speaks to the potential of this new age. LGND was created by artists for artists, allowing its global community of artists to integrate their work into the crypto economy on their own terms.

“We’re happy to introduce the LGND x Haute Living NFT exhibition, ‘Not For Tourists,’ during Miami Art Week,” Tyler Carter, Head of Creative at LGND, said of the new collection. This exhibition honors artists at the vanguard of their craft who have pushed the medium to new heights. We look forward to the future as we reach the conclusion of a revolutionary year, and we stay focused on the freedom of artists and how to empower them.”


The artworks, which will be presented by LGND and selected by Pplpleasr, will confront this increased level of expectation head-on. LGND will engage the eager crowd on the evening of December 3 with the VIP Cocktail Reception of Not For Tourists preview of the main fair, with an event that will kick off a unique auction that will be available online, in collaboration with Haute Living, Airbus, ACJ, Grand Seiko, Seasons LA, and 8090 Partners.

The show, which includes work by James Jean, Maciej Kuciara, Praystation, Soey Milk, Ram Han, Ellen Sheidlin, Mike Lee, Swopes, Grif, Kouhei Nakama, Naive John, Robbie Trevino, Hush, Shantell Martin, Vince Fraser, All Smilesss, and 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan, is a well-curated exhibition that is sure to spark conversation.

LGND is delighted to make its stamp on Miami Art Week, commonly known as Art Basel, in the same way that NFTs have made their mark on the art world as a whole, exposing more people to the possibility for artist-focused digital art and platforms to create something really extraordinary.

To participate, collectors must establish an LGND Art account and register to bid.


LGND is a curated NFT digital arts platform created by and for artists. It encourages high-end collectors and world-class artists to communicate and share ideas.

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