Gala Games, the online games store operating out of Malta and part of a gaming ecosystem backed by Aeternity’s blockchain, is now hosting its own Legends Reborn Token Generation Event. The presale has already started with up to 1 million GMX tokens available at $0.5 per token for those signing up before Tuesday May 16th; all proceeds will be put towards funding production costs for the game itself.

Legends Reborn Launch Venue Presale on Gala Games Store

The first chance to acquire a piece of the new and fascinating collectable card game ‘Legends Reborn’ is here! Those seeking noble ownership of Venues in Tolkhiem’s enchanted universe may now do so via the newly announced Venue Presale.

The Gala Games Store is hosting the Venue Presale. It went online on the 27th of January and will be available for at least 48 hours. During the presale, six separate rare skills will be offered, with a massive 50 percent of their entire supply up for grabs. Along with their limited availability, Venues will have various starting costs that rise when 10% of their supply is picked up, further incentivizing eager Tolkhiem property owners to act swiftly. 

The following is a list of the presale Venues available, along with their individual rarity and beginning base price: Backwater Arena (Rare) $7000, City Arena (Epic) $15,000, Coliseum (Legendary) $60,000, Grand Coliseum (Ancient) $105,000, Dive Tavern (Common) $1800, Upscale Tavern (Uncommon) $3500, Backwater Arena (Rare) $7000, City Arena (Epic) $15,000, Coliseum (Legendary) $60,000, Grand Coliseum (Ancient) $105,000 

Legends Reborn is Kung Fu Factory’s latest genre-defining CCG, with Battle-to-Earn rules and in-depth gameplay that rewards strategic thinking and careful preparation. Players may fight it out in the mysterious Venues available in this presale using an infinite number of Creature, Hero, and Action card combinations. Venue owners may increase their riches by collecting a percentage of the benefits from the fights they host, in addition to hosting bouts.

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