The Jameson family are the most successful whiskey distillers in Ireland. On July 18th, they announced that their famous photographer Neil Leifer would be immortalized as an NFT collectible on CryptoKitties with a unique code to unlock your own unique print of one of his iconic images at auction for charity.

The “nfts art” is a digital asset that represents ownership of an individual photograph. The nfts art can be traded and sold on the blockchain. These assets are called NFTs and they are what make up the Ethereum ecosystem.

Neil Leifer, perhaps the finest sports photographer of all time, is coming to the WAX blockchain. An exclusive collection of some of his most memorable images will be released later this month.

Neil Leifer has a 50-year career as a photographer and is responsible for capturing some of history’s most memorable events. Now, he’s teaming up with WAX to share the most cherished of these photographs with collectors. As a result, fans will be able to trade, exchange, and acquire a new collection of digital artefacts as part of the “Neil Leifer: Decades” series.


The series’ first installment will be released on November 9 at 1 p.m. EDT, focusing on the swinging 1960s, his first full decade in the business. Furthermore, all of the photographs are from his tenure at Sports Illustrated, and so include some of the photography that helped to make the magazine famous.

NFTs come in five degrees of rarity, and collectors may buy them in packs of two for $99.99 each. As a result, the framed picture, which rights the owner to its vIRL equivalent, is the rarest of all. However, there are only 6 of these ultra-rare assets available. They’re also among of the rarest NFTs on the WAX blockchain, with just 1248 packets accessible.

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