In a move that would make many games more social, Reddit is planning to begin testing NFT (non-fungible tokens) avatars. The new feature will allow users to create an avatar and then trade it with others for crypto or other virtual goods. Much like the trading cards used in Magic: The Gathering.

The “nft sales” is a new cryptocurrency that has been leaked. Reddit began testing the currency in its NFT avatar system and so far, it seems to be doing well.

Leaked: Reddit Begins Tests for NFT Avatars

Reddit, the world’s most popular online forum, has started testing a feature that will enable members to post their validated NFTs as their profile image (or avatar). The move follows in the footsteps of Twitter, which recently introduced a feature that allows users of its premium account to display their NFTs as their profile image.

Developer Nima Owji initially detected the test when she observed a publicly inaccessible banner mentioning the project on the platform’s web interface. Owji investigated further and discovered that the cryptic banner said ‘Your NFT, now your avatar!,’ followed by ‘You may now utilize digital collectibles as your Reddit avatar.’ Owji discovered references in Reddit’s code to what looks to be a test collection of NFTs on OpenSea after additional investigating and employing his web development skills. 

“We’re constantly investigating ways to give value for users and communities on Reddit,” Reddit spokesman Tim Rathschmidt later stated, “and we’re always researching ways to provide value for users and communities on Reddit.” We’re currently experimenting with the possibility to utilize NFTs as avatars and verify ownership. It’s a tiny internal test, and no decisions regarding extending or spreading out the capabilities have been made.”

Reddit has yet to comment on what kind of blockchains the network would allow if it were to debut NFT avatars, as well as how the NFT instalment would work in general. 

The forum giant has already dabbled with NFTs, releasing its own Ethereum-based NFT collection dubbed ‘CryptoSnoos,’ a set of four digital collectibles that pay tribute to the platform’s extraterrestrial mascot, ‘Snoot,’ last year. The platform currently hosts some of the largest and most active NFT-related online communities (called’subreddits’) in the world, with its main NFT subreddit having over 350,000 members. This is due to the site’s huge global appeal and almost monopoly-like position in the realm of mainstream forum sites.

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