League of Legends is a competitive, multiplayer online battle arena video game that has about as many players as some other games have people. Now it’s been recently revealed in partnership with Polygon Studios to create an official show for the game called “League of Legends: Beyond the Rift.”

League of Kingdoms Teams Up with Polygon Studios

League of Kingdoms, a play-to-earn strategic game, has partnered up with Polygon Studios, the gaming arm of the Polygon Network, bringing with it a wealth of fresh knowledge and skills.

League of Kingdoms hopes to expand its operations and improve its overall offering as a result of this new partnership. Polygon’s vision will allow the platform to offer significant new features to the League of Kingdoms environment while also providing the tools needed to improve the on-chain user experience.

League of Kingdoms has reaped the benefits of Polygon’s layer 2 scaling solution so far, including quick transactions, minimal fees, and a reduced carbon impact. However, in the future, a closer interaction with the gaming and NFT sides of business will open up more doors than ever before.

Bring it to the battlefield and defend your kingdom! The #Polygon blockchain is being implemented by @LeagueKingdoms in collaboration with Polygon Studios.

In LoK, players may develop armies and earn money with minimal friction.

More information may be found at https://t.co/WQU0mOlcbh.

January 13, 2022 — Polygon Studios (@ PolygonStudios)

League of Kingdoms has relaunched in the new year with a vengeance, offering its 400k strong community a plethora of new chances. In addition to the Polygon Studio collaboration, the platform is gearing up to debut its new governance token, $LOKA, on the Binance Launchpad at 00:00 UTC on January 20.

The game is a gigantic multiplayer online strategy game that allows players to establish kingdoms, manage planets, and compete for platform domination while collecting valuable crypto-based prizes.


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