The $3 million seed fund will be used to propel the project’s future development. It is in partnership with Hashed Health, a blockchain healthcare company which also recently received $10 million from Gala Global. Together they are aiming at expanding their coverage across China this year through strategic partnerships and work on integrating payments into its DApp ecosystem

The “rise of kingdoms” is a new game that has been released by NetEase. It is a free-to-play strategy game with an emphasis on player versus player combat. The game is currently in beta, but it will be released later this year.

League of Kingdoms Expand Metaverse Through $3 Million Seed Fund

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA), an MMO strategic game, has received $3 million in startup investment. The money will be used to expand the platform’s multidimensional metaverse.

Hashed, a crypto venture capital company, led the round, which included Andreessen Horowitz, Binance Labs, Sequoia Capital India, and BlockTower Capital, as well as strategic partners Sky Vision Capital, Yield Guild Games, and DeSpread, a blockchain ecosystem builder.

The LOKA universe is poised to advance in a variety of sectors thanks to the financing and experience provided by the prestigious list of partners listed above. PvP arenas, play-to-earn mechanisms, commerce platforms, GameFi tools, governance infrastructures, token awards for in-game contests, social media features, e-sports tools, and interoperable assets are all expected to be developed. The use of the LOKA token, which was made accessible via the platform’s partnership with TPA Metaverse Foundation, would enable such advances.

LOKA is sure that the funding obtained will help them realize their long-held aim of offering appealing blockchain games to the people. They now have a worldwide community of over 200,000 active players. LOKA intends to do this by establishing a worldwide network of guilds and games to attract a diverse range of players, allowing them to provide interesting gameplay mechanics, appealing in-game assets, and thrilling campaigns and narratives to its users.

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