This year, we have seen some of the most notable projects launch their own mainnet. However, this technology is still in its nascent state and more companies are actively preparing for release. This could result in a lot of new developments as 2019 unfolds.

The “top metaverse stocks” is a list of the latest companies that have launched projects in the Metaverse Ecosystem. The top three are Metaverse, Aurora, and Nexo.

As 2022 moves towards its second half, the Metaverse is beginning to come into its own. There are so many brand-new developments. Here are a few shorts for you before we discuss the debut of several metaverse initiatives and rumors:

  • Binance keeps bringing on well-known people. Christiano Ronaldo, Khaby Lame, and The Weeknd all joined the business.
  • A Metaverse open standards organization is being founded by Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and several more businesses.
  • Instead of joining the existing Metaverse Universe, Apple is concentrating on building its own.
  • Additionally, Kevin Hart has chosen to provide fans with a WEB3 experience.

Let’s look at some intriguing forthcoming Metaverse projects in light of these stories now.

HTC Launches a Metaverse Phone

When phones were still being made, HTC was a top-tier manufacturer. It vanished briefly before being replaced by several others. It has now declared a return and shown a phone with Metaverse-inspired design.

The HTC Desire 22 Pro is a brand-new smartphone from HTC.

The first Metaverse Smartphone will be the HTC Desire 22 Pro.

It will include HTC’s native metaverse, the Viverse Ecosystem.

Additionally, the phone will have NFT and cryptocurrency applications already loaded.

For VR experiences, the HTC Desire 22 Pro will also support Vive Flow VR Headsets.

HTC’s Viverse program aims to provide everyone access to the Metaverse. It does away with the need that users possess headphones. The HTC browser allows users to visit the Metaverse, which is amazing to say the least.

Using a Web3 smartphone, Solana Labs


Not just HTC but other manufacturers also include Metaverse technology in their smartphones. Additionally, Solana Labs has revealed when “SAGA,” a distinctive Web3 smartphone, will be on sale. The SOLANA LAB’s SAGA will support NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, according to their video release, with the aim of providing a genuinely immersive experience.

The most recent blockchain technology will also be included, along with features like a Web3 Dapp store, Solana Pay integration for QR-based payments, and a mobile wallet adapter with a “seed vault” for extra protection. 

Solana Labs collaborated with Osam, a tech firm renowned for developing hardware and software ecosystems centered on privacy, to create SAGA. 

The project’s team estimates that the gadget would cost roughly $1,000 and be on sale in the first quarter of 2023.

Bitcoin Comics 

Satoshi Master of Disguise

The Metaverse is going to have comics soon!

Bitcoin Comics is an exciting new platform for comic book and NFT enthusiasts. The company recently announced the launch of its first comic series Satoshi Master of Disguise.

The debut of 10,000 avatars portraying none other than Satoshi himself is a first for the NFT industry. The project’s distinctive feature is that each avatar will give rise to a unique comic book series, with NFT holders owning the publication and distribution rights.

That is correct! Imagine having your own own distinctive comics series that you could publish.

Here’s what Bitcoin Comics has to offer:

  • multilayer minting technique that is cutting edge.
  • own comic book series
  • modern algorithm for rarity
  • Capabilities for Decentralized Publishing
  • the capacity to sell and share your comics in both hard and digital formats

Various Important Announcements

Other noteworthy announcements relating to Metaverse Projects include as follows:

MG Motors is attempting to develop MGVerse.

India’s 21K School has made the Metaverse Education Platform’s debut official.

The massive gaming corporation Tencent Holdings is introducing XR Unit for Metaverse.

Tencent is developing extended reality headset technology.

As the next step in the Metaverse’s social app growth, Jack Dorsey introduced Web 5.

SoulBountTokens could materialize in the Metaverse.

the conclusion

The aforementioned initiatives demonstrate the Metaverse’s exponential growth. 

Many companies are getting ready for the Metaverse, even if others have already made their mark there. For instance, Yahoo is following Meta’s lead and will likely soon announce its participation in the Metaverse.

There is little doubt that the Metaverse and Blockchain technology will persist despite the state of the market. 

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