KnownOrigin has brought back LIFE NFTs for the 20th Century. These special edition pieces of collectible art are incredibly rare and will only be available during this event period. Featuring unique artwork from both sides of the Atlantic, each piece is a true work of art that collectors can enjoy with pride!

KnownOrigin is a blockchain platform that offers NFTs, crypto and other services. KnownOrigin released LIFE tokens to celebrate the 20th century in 2018.

KnownOrigin Drops LIFE NFTs to Celebrate the 20th Century

LIFE Magazine, the world’s most recognizable picture newspaper, has partnered with the KnownOrigin marketplace. Based on its large picture collection, the pair will introduce a set of ground-breaking non-fungible tokens.

On April 14, the LIFE photo collection will debut on the blockchain in an unique non-fungible experience, coinciding with a virtual ‘LIFE’ show at Decentraland’s KnownOrigin gallery. As a consequence, it has some of the most captivating cover photos in the series’ distinguished history.

The LIFE collection will include digital renditions of some of the magazine’s most iconic images. From Life’s changeover to photographic publishing in 1936 until the year 2000, it will be published on the blockchain as a commemoration of the twentieth century. Classic photographs from its golden moment in the American mind will be included in the drop.

Have you heard of it? Next week, we’ll be releasing our first NFTs on @KnownOrigin io! Click here for more information:

Margaret Bourke-White, LIFE’s first female employee and photographer, in 1943.

(LIFE Picture Collection / Alfred Eisenstaedt)

April 4, 2022 — LIFE (@LIFE)

At the start of KnownOrigin, a set of ultra-rare NFTs will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Then there’s a series of limited editions with a specified price for the general public. Following the sale, the team will employ a carbon offset scheme to offset all minting and sales emissions, with a percentage of the earnings going to a variety of great charities picked by LIFE. The Malala Fund, for example, will help impoverished girls learn to read.

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The “known origin token” is a new ERC-20 token that was created by the company known as KnownOrigin. The token will be used in exchange for LIFE NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens.

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