This is an upcoming game that will be released for the Nintendo Switch, where players trade and battle Pokemon in a turn-based RPG. The developers are using Axie tokens to incentivize trading over traditional methods of gameplay mechanics. Token holders earn rewards by playing through the game with their Dex buddies.

Ronin, the formidable blockchain that powers the Axie Infinity machine, has announced the launch of Katana, a new decentralized exchange. The ability to trade, pool, and harvest game-related tokens from the Axie ecosystem is now available.

Users may easily trade between tokens displayed on the site thanks to the new exchange. So far, AXS, SLP, WETH, and USDC have been added to the list, allowing a fast and easy way to move between these valued assets. As a result, this new system functions similarly to most exchanges. Connect a Ronin wallet to your computer, choose the asset you want to trade and the asset you need, and then start the transaction.

Farming and pooling

Users may also provide liquidity to the Ronin ecosystem and get $RON incentives in return. Users may input money in trading pairs through the “pools” page, which automatically match the token values to their counterparts.

After they’ve been submitted, those pairings will start creating RON tokens depending on the pool’s aggregate contribution. Additionally, once pooled, an equal LP token is created, which is necessary for Katana’s farming function. To earn more RON, enable this option in the “farm” menu.

The RON Token is a cryptocurrency.

RON is the Ronin blockchain’s new ecosystem currency, which will power all transactions in the future, establishing itself as the future means of paying gas expenses. But keep in mind that RON isn’t for sale anyplace, and anybody proposing it for sale isn’t to be trusted.

Full instructions may be found in the manuals >> Here.