Hybe Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment agency that has managed many K-Pop groups including BTS and Big Bang, announced its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Upbit to launch an NFT game. The move is part of the company’s efforts to promote blockchain technology in gaming.

The K-Pop Agency Hybe has partnered with South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit to launch a new bitcoin token. The company signed on BTS Entertainment as the exclusive partner for their new blockchain project. Will this form of currency expand beyond Asian markets?BTS NFTs are designed to make investing in BTS more accessible and rewarding. The tokens will allow traders of any level access the value of decentralization, which is something that can’t be bought with traditional means like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The “upbit exchange” is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Hybe, an agency that represents BTS, has partnered with upbit to launch BTS NFTs.

K-Pop is going to take another major leap into the world of crypto assets. Hybe, the agency behind BTS, the K-Pop chart leader, has signed an agreement with Upbit, a cryptocurrency exchange.

The two corporations have swapped a considerable number of shares in a transaction worth a lot of WON. This is a vote of confidence in the individual companies, as well as a promising future collaboration. As a consequence, these two Korean powerhouses are teaming together to bring K-Pop NFT collectibles to the blockchain.

This newly established cooperation will add K-Pop NFT photocards to the mix in the future. A new collection of assets to acquire and trade showcasing some of the game’s most popular characters. As a result, musicians will have an additional channel to interact with fans and build discourse. Given the stubborn attitude of the K-Pop culture, this may be a profitable proposition.

Upbit is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in (South) Korea. Furthermore, they are one of only four organizations in the world has the permission to provide WON trading pairs on its platform, achieving this colossal feat by navigating a regulatory quagmire. As a consequence, they’ve established themselves as a significant player in Korean crypto circles.


The “K-Pop Agency Hybe Aligns with Upbit to Launch BTS NFTs” is a report that the K-pop agency Hybe has partnered with Upbit to launch BTS NFTs. The company will be launching the tokens on November 30th, 2018. Reference: dunamu crypto.

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