Justin Sun is the creator of popular cryptocurrency TRON and also a multi-millionaire investor. Within one week, he was able to acquire $15 million worth of Bored Ape fidget spinners by sending out messages on Twitter and messaging app WeChat with specific instructions for his followers. This stunt has brought mixed reactions from other investors in the industry questioning how legitimate these investments are.

Justin Sun Pulls a $15 Million Bored Ape Stunt

Justin Sun, the inventor of the TRON network, gleefully posted his new record-breaking purchase earlier this week. His most recent NFT purchasing binge broke Crypto Punk sales records, with him spending $15 million on a Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron NFT.

BAYC Tron Ape #6666 Joker was purchased by Sun. His actions, of course, did not go ignored by the NFT community. The majority of the comments were harsh, claiming that it was money laundering, the worst NFT marketing scam ever, and the lamest purchase ever since, after all, who buys a phony BAYC for that much? Sun had his turn in the spotlight, whether it was pleasant or bad.

BAYC Tron NFTs are, as the name implies, Ethereum-based replicas of BAYC. Mutant Ape minting is also now available. On Tron, the lowest price for an Ape is now 2,500 TRX (about $250 USD at the time of writing). Sun’s action may not have had much of an impact on the floor. Fans of Tron, on the other hand, may participate in the frenzy at a lower cost.

What is known is that NFT Twitter has made the ultimate, universal judgment: This is not how the space operates. It’s not a good idea to brag about yourself.

Below is Justin Sun’s announcement.

The Crypto Punk #NFT has become the most expensive @Twitter avatars, with a value of $10 million! However, the world record has been re-established today.

Today, I purchased a new Ape avatar with $15 million in #TRX!

After all, the #NFT avatar’s art is our generation’s new creative showcase. https://t.co/Jmam6rv2Xb

30 November 2021 — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron)