The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency has seen a lot of failures in the short amount of time it’s been around. Justin Kan, founder and CEO of TheDappList, posted an article about Discord accidentally leaking his personal investment data.

Justin Kan, the founder of “justin kan net worth” and “Fractal Marketplace”, was recently hacked. The hacker managed to steal $8 million USD in cryptocurrency.

Justin Kan’s Fractal Marketplace Falls Victim to Discord Breach

Fractal, a Solana-based gaming NFT marketplace, is the latest victim of unethical knuckle draggers. Users were relieved of around $150k worth of $SOL tokens in the newest initiative by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan.

The dastardly evildoers, according to reports, used a webhook to obtain access to the official Discord announcements feed. Then, just after Fractal’s Twitter feed hinted to an upcoming airdrop, he tweeted a link to what he characterized as an NFT minting event. Users who FOMO’d into the apparent chance had their $SOL-based cash drained from their wallets.

Fractal announced the facts of the breach on their official Twitter account, and they’ve promised to pay back the monies out of their own wallets. The scam, on the other hand, underscores a continuing issue in the NFT arena, where fraudsters are fast to exploit any flaws in the communication chain, and projects that are eager to get in on the ground floor are far from safe.

Please read the following formal statement from us on the hacking that occurred earlier today:

December 21, 2021 — fractal (@fractalwagmi)

Unfortunately, this is not the first, nor will it be the final, hack of its sort. Wherever there’s money to be made, there will be crooks eager to take advantage of it. The first step in security, like with any deception, whether online or offline, is due diligence. Before you make the ultimate decision, be sure you’ve exhausted all possibilities. Because cryptographic transactions are inherently irreversible.


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