The $FINE token is an ERC20-based utility and payment token. The platform seeks to be a new type of currency that can exist on the blockchain without being bound by any single entity or government, making it more acceptable for use in new and emerging markets. To do this, FINE has created three different tiers: BASE (the most basic), PRIME (a premium tier) and GOLD which are intended to offer varying levels of benefits based on how much personal information they require from their holders.

The “refinable binance” is a cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential. It’s been around for a while and it’s still growing. The team behind the coin is constantly updating the project, adding new features and improving existing ones. This review will cover everything about $FINE.

Join the Refinable Ecosystem: A Review of Everything $FINE

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The Refinable Ecosystem is a system that can be refined.

As we roll out many new and exciting features such as Refinable Stores and Metaverse Gallery, here’s a back-to-basics blog post on The Refinable Ecosystem is a system that can be refined.. Get familiar with the ins and outs of our platform to better understand how it can support you on your NFT journey!

The FINE token is a cryptocurrency.

The Refinable platform’s backbone is the $FINE token. You may use it to trade NFTs, get Refinable membership, enjoy the tier-based advantages, and get early access to future features!

Users may now trade NFTs using $FINE in addition to the other alternatives available, such as BNB, USDT, and BUSD, as of early December 2021! While transaction gas costs must still be paid in BNB or the native currency of each blockchain network, this option has given traders a lot more flexibility on the platform.

At the present, the $FINE coin can be acquired on four exchanges: PancakeSwap (v2),, AscendEX, and BitMart.


Refinable enables a multi-chain NFT marketplace to provide consumers the most control over their digital assets. On our platform, we now support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, with plans to integrate with Solana in the near future.

As previously stated, gas costs for each transaction must be paid in each blockchain network’s native currency. Users should be aware that tokens from one network may not transfer to another, necessitating the conversion of the token from one network to another. BNB on the Ethereum network, for example, is not the same as BNB on the Binance Smart Chain.

Crypto exchanges like Binance make it simple to get native tokens for any blockchain network. Make sure the token is on the proper network before buying!

Here’s a short rundown of the Refinable platform’s many native tokens.


Benefits of a $FINE Membership

Users on Refinable are entitled to rewards based on the quantity of $FINE they own, such as trading rights, more exposure, and early access to new features!


Basic, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond+/Founders, and Diamond+/Founders are the five membership levels, each with its own set of advantages.

Your membership status is determined by the average quantity of $FINE tokens in your wallet over a 14-day period. Users with an average of 20 $FINE tokens over a two-week period, for example, will be given Silver membership.

As a thank you for your contribution to the Refinable platform, the more $FINE tokens you own, the higher your membership level will be, and you will, of course, have greater trading rights. In a nutshell, you may establish lower buyer costs, higher seller fees, and greater royalty limitations for your NFTs! All in order to assist you in making your business more successful!

1644583617_303_Join-the-Refinable-Ecosystem-A-Review-of-Everything-FINETiers and Benefits of $FINE Membership

In addition to trading capabilities, the higher your membership level, the more exposure you have on the site. You have a larger creation limit, or the quantity of NFTs you may mint, as well as longer auction days. You’ll be given greater options in interacting with content on our platform as you demonstrate more support for Refinable via $FINE. See our blog article here for additional information on the utility function of the $FINE token.

Finally, several of our new features, such as Refinable Stores and the Metaverse Gallery, will often need at least a Silver membership. Upgrade your membership level to keep current with our latest innovations! Also, for additional information on the Metaverse Gallery, see our blog article!

What comes next?

Now that you are familiar with The Refinable Ecosystem is a system that can be refined., make your way to major exchanges to get your $FINE tokens today!

Regarding Refinable Refinable is a multi-chain NFT platform and marketplace that allows users to create, trade, explore, and leverage NFTs. The project’s goal is to become the go-to platform for people and communities to embrace and profit from NFTs’ cheap transaction costs and great efficiency when it comes to generating and trading on the blockchain.

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The “refinable crypto pancakeswap” is a review of the $FINE project. It looks at everything from their whitepaper, to their team and advisors, to the current state of their project.

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