The Denizen project has been in the works for over two years, and is designed to be a platform where game developers can use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on their games without having to reinvent the wheel. However, NFTs are gaining popularity as an alternative token type with new uses they weren’t originally intended for.

The “mars4” is a token that can be used to purchase items in the Denizen Shop. The mission of the Mars 4 is to help create a new and exciting world for NFTs.

Join the Denizen NFTs on Their Non-Fungible Mission to Mars

A partnership of man and creatures in the year 2100 has resulted in 9,999 of Earth’s ‘denizens’ storming out to Mars. Their great objective is to terraform and occupy Mars in order to establish a new cosmic paradise. The space-faring mission was infiltrated by a group of mischievous aliens, which was an ambitious project with just one flaw. A nefarious and cunning gang hell-bent on destroying the expedition and putting a stop to this human endeavor.

As a result, Denizen will symbolize both the greatest of humanity and the most horrible of aliens. A fantastic collection of interactive designer toys, and the non-fungible universe’s next great hope, where membership will provide access to a full ecosystem of Web3 delight. In addition to providing collectors with a special place in the ever-expanding metaverse.

Denizen NFT Mars Nonfungible Token Collection

A Space Raft of Non-Fermionic Transistors

The Denizen collection has 9,999 spacesuit-clad people, monsters, and aliens, all rendered in stunning high-resolution 3D animation. Each one is made up of hundreds of discrete components that are algorithmically combined to create a single stunningly interactive sculpture. Collectors will discover a zoo of exotic species in Denizen, including humans, aliens, apes, fish, and cats. All of them are dressed to the nines in a variety of fabulous outfits and accessories.

This genesis collection of space-faring non-fungibles will be delivered as a blind drop, with photos and rarity levels to follow. Denizens, on the other hand, will use Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to assure the grand reveal’s legitimacy, delivering provably random features that can be verified on-chain.

Denizen’s release date is still a tightly kept secret. Those who are curious may follow the initiative on social media for the most up-to-date information. When they do come, whitelist members will get 0.08 ETH per coin, followed by a public mint for 0.1 ETH per coin.

Guaranteed 100 percent refund

The crew is so confident in its space mission that they will enable anybody to return their collection for a full refund after the big unveiling, no questions asked. A broad scheme that will allow for relatively risk-free collecting as the collection develops pace and result in a steady floor price.

Denizen NFT Mars Nonfungible Token Collection

Denizens’ Long-Term Prospects

Owners of their own Denizen will have access to the project’s extremely restricted metaverse. A fantastic place for members to connect, show their treasures, and gather. Meanwhile, the team has set up a number of intriguing relationships with well-known brands, artists, and designers for the future. As a consequence, the Denizens world will see an influx of stunning new designs and promotional material in the future. If that isn’t enough, there will be a vast choice of Denizen items available in the future.

So, which side will come out on top? Will the best of Earth’s forces be enough to vanquish the extraterrestrial threat? Or will the extraterrestrial plague destroy all in its path? It’s anyone’s guess right now!

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The “nft mars” is a new crypto-collectible that was created by the Denizen team. The nft will be on their mission to Mars, and they can only be found in the NFTs app.

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