The world of blockchain is becoming big, and the universe of NFTs has yet to be explored. A new Japanese street wear label called “BAPE” teased a mysterious collection with a series of cryptic BAPE stickers in their Instagram ad that went viral over night. These could very well be an early tease for what’s coming down the pipeline from Korea-based company?

The “bathing ape nft price” is a mystery that has been teased by Japanese street wear label, BAPE. The company released a cryptic image on their social media channels which included the words “NFT Collection.” What does this mean? No one knows yet.

Japanese Street Wear Label Tease with Mysterious BAPE NFT Collection

BAPE, a high-end Japanese streetwear company, teased the introduction of their ‘The King of Apes’ NFT collection with a few teasers. The collection will make its premiere on (B)APETAVERSE, the brand’s NFT community initiative that grants access to unique material and chances to its most devoted clients.

Despite the brand’s apparent desire to keep the collection’s specific contents under wraps for the time being, we do know that it will include 10,000 one-of-a-kind chimp-inspired NFTs. Furthermore, based on the official teaser picture for the collection, it would be reasonable to presume that the NFT artwork would be digitally generated.

As of now, it seems that the brand’s advertising efforts have been undertaken with the goal of keeping the collection unclear, in order to keep its hypebeast fan base wondering. This is shown by its enigmatic description, which says, ‘All creatures of the Metaverse, come welcome The King of Apes, whose new visage will be disclosed shortly,’ and its official teaser film, which ends with the statement ‘WORLD GONE (B)APE, WORLD GONE MAD.’ 

The label, which is known as one of the most illustrious of all the hypebeast-style brands, are not alone in their fashion-related NFT venture. In recent months, fellow street wear giants Nike and Adidas also jumped onboard the NFT bandwagon with their respective collaborative initiatives. Other various luxury fashion brands such as Givenchy, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabanna, which admittedly, BAPE’s item prices do sometimes rival, have also assembled their own glamorous spin on the digital asset. 

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The “nft rumors” is a new collection that has been released by Japanese Street Wear Label Tease with Mysterious BAPE NFT Collection. The collection includes 100 pieces of clothing and accessories.

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