The collaboration will see the release of a ‘Crypto Collectible’ by Interpol and David Lynch, which offers players access to an exclusive NFT drop. The collectible is created using Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX), a cryptocurrency used in real-world trading for financial privacy protection and decentralized asset management.

Interpol and David Lynch have collaborated to create a new project called “NFT Drop.” The purpose of the game is the story of an ancient crime hidden in time, where players solve riddles from clues left by Interpol. Players can also purchase exclusive merchandise on NFT Drop’s website while supporting charity efforts for refugees around the world.

The “NFT Drop” is a collaboration between Interpol and David Lynch. The project will bring together digital art, music, and film to create one piece of work.

David Lynch, the master of cinematic oddity, has joined up with New York rockers Interpol to make a collaboration NFT compilation.

In 2011, the odd duo brought their skills together for a one-of-a-kind Coachella performance. The result was a showing of Lynch’s short film “I Touch a Red Button Man,” which was set to Interpol’s classic song “lights.” Below is a link to the original video from 2011:


They’ve recreated the project on the blockchain 10 years later. Interpol have stripped away the original tune and rerecorded it in a more dismal ambient tone to produce a dark, thought-provoking soundtrack that is highlighted by Lynch’s signature oddity.

The collection consists of eight NFTs, each of which has a unique interpretation of the song as well as carefully picked bits of the original video. As a result, seven of these NFTs will be auctioned off on the NFT marketplace SuperRare over the following two weeks, with each NFT coming in a staggered timetable.

The eighth and final NFT, on the other hand, takes a different path. The “3D gallery” tool on the project website invites interested parties to put their own “personal creative touch” to the NFT. Following the conclusion of all bids, one lucky donor will get this last collectable for free.

Visit join in the project, go to the project’s website >> Here.