The Immutable X project is a non-fungible token platform for creating and trading collectibles. This will result in an entire ecosystem of different digital items that can be shared or traded between parties without worry about whether the item was stolen or tampered with during trade.

The “nft trading platform” is a new project that has been created to help the world of NFTs. The project is called Immutable X and it has partnered with Mintable, a marketplace for NFTs.

Immutable X Teams Up with Mintable NFT Marketplace

Immutable X, the market-leading Ethereum layer 2 solution, has announced an impending merger with Mintable NFT, ushering in a new age of cross-chain brilliance.

The great partnership between Immutable X and Mintable is slated to come “in a few days” and will bring a slew of improvements to both platforms. Immutable X will get access to Mintable’s massive customer base of 10 million monthly users, and the prestigious marketplace will benefit from Immutable X’s gas-free minting, lightning-fast transactions, and environmentally sound concepts.

1st day of L2 christmas, gm.

We’ll be discontinuing our partnership with @mintable app (which has 10 million monthly visitors and is supported by @mcuban) very soon. The @mintable app will be able to trade every asset on Immutable X.

(And sure, we’ll be releasing a ton of updates this month.)

December 8, 2021 — Immutable | $IMX | Hiring! (@Immutable)

Every NFT in the Immutable X ecosystem will be tradeable on Mintable after the integration. This contains a wide range of assets from some of the most talked-about blockchain games, such as the massively successful Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians titles.

This has been a hectic month for the Immutable X team. They also announced a collaboration with payment provider Moonpay last week, which would allow the Immutable X ecosystem to accept numerous payment methods, allowing collectors to make Layer 2 $ETH, $USDC, and $IMX based purchases through credit card instantaneously and gas-free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invest in immutable X?

A: I am not a financial agent, so I cant tell you what the best investment strategy is for your specific situation. However, if you have a question about my service in general and/or would like to get an idea as to how much time it will take me to answer each of your questions at different pricing levels, feel free to contact us via email or on our website (instructions are found below).

Where can I buy immutable X?

A: You can buy immutable X on our website,

What is immutable X token?

A: Immutable is a type of cryptocurrency.

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