The blockchain revolution has brought many new possibilities to the global economy as well as such a significant impact on our privacy and security. IDO is an upcoming digital marketplace that will offer users a way not just of trading goods, but also carbon credits from its own offset project in Ghana.,

The “carbon offset” is a new feature that will allow users to purchase carbon offsets from the SAVAGE. The new feature is part of the IDO, which is being developed by Savage and

IDO Announced for World’s First Carbon-Neutral Marketplace SAVAGE

SAVAGE, the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for 8K video and photos, has announced its maiden DEX offering (IDO). SAVAGE is delighted to expand access to the platform with its forthcoming public sale, after successful private sales of $SAVG tokens in the past.

The IDO will take place on FantomStarter and OccamRazer, two of SAVAGE’s most recognized partner platforms, on December 15th, 2021. The public sale will increase platform accessibility by allowing investors, creatives in the photography and filmmaking worlds, and anyone else who sees promise in the platform to invest in $SAVG, the platform’s native currency.

SAVAGE is a multi-faceted leader in the industry, developed by a team of crypto professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants from a variety of commercial backgrounds (including Tesla, National Geographic, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung). It is the first community-driven and Hollywood-focused NFT marketplace on the Polygon proof-of-stake system, in addition to being environmentally friendly. It is regarded as a next-generation marketplace for media and content, with a worldwide reputation for providing high-quality content for major businesses.

SAVAGE has received financial support from well-known creatives and venture investors, including Faculty Group, as a result of its triumphs. With such solid financial, commercial, and creative foundations, SAVAGE is well-positioned to achieve its mission, which is to “disrupt the present stock picture and video environment” with its low-cost, high-throughput platform, as CEO Luke Neumann puts it.

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