Brazilian soccer star Richarlison is set to become the first player in Premier League history to be paid using blockchain technology. IDG NFT, a crypto and gaming company has partnered with award pool for this purpose. The partnership will create an online prize system that gives out tokens that can redeem game items at a variety of retailers

IDG NFT in Partnership with Award Pool to Launch NFT for Brazilian football star, Richarlison.

ONTARIO: TORONTO (15 July 2022) Richarlison, a Brazilian football player, will be the subject of an engagement campaign and star-power NFTs that will be launched by Award Pool in collaboration with IDG NFT.

One of Brazil’s top football players is Richarlison. He is among the call-ups for the Brazilian National Team and presently plays as a striker for Everton. He has an Olympic gold medal (Tokyo 2020).

IDG is a multinational digital collectibles business with a focus on NFT, memorabilia, and fan experiences.

Award Pool’s integrated white-label, rebrandable widget and NFT marketplace help marketers and content producers gamify campaigns.

 “IDG is really eager to debut the NFTs of one of Brazilian football’s best talents. We encourage all sports enthusiasts to see Richarlison’s collection! Declares Sylmara Multini, IDG’s founder and CEO. 

The twelve cards in Richarlison’s collection are all together. Five original cards, two special cards, three rare cards with unique effects, and a promo card are all included. The two legendary cards come with memorabilia. IDG prioritizes usefulness with their NFTs, and the first legendary card set includes a Richarlison meeting and a signed jersey!

“We are honored to serve as the venue via which IDG introduces Richardson’s first NFTs to the globe. Reuven Cohen, the founder and CEO of Award Pool, said that the partnership with IDG will “provide a new method to interact with today’s best football/soccer talents.”

Start collecting your Richarlison NFTs by going to IDG right now.

Start collecting your Richarlison NFTs by going to IDG right now.


About IDG

IDG is a multinational digital collectibles firm with a focus on NFT, memorabilia, and fan experience content development. We are THE CENTER for digital collectors to congregate. IDG is an innovative company with a strong presence in NFT-focused intellectual property rights. Please visit for further details.

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Regarding Award Pool

Award Pool, a Toronto-based company, was founded in 2021 and allows anybody to gamify campaigns, from businesses and brands to influencers. Award Pool is an integrated platform that provides brands, producers, and collectors with incredible interaction tools and features so they can produce, gather, and exchange one-of-a-kind experiences, collectibles, and wonders. You may get more information at

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