Platforms like Hyype Guarded and CryptoKitties have given digital collectibles a new lease on life in the blockchain era. However, these games are still plagued with problems including high entry costs, user abandonment and scams. What do we need to change so that this industry can reach its full potential?

The “lazy nft” is a new tool that Hyype Guarded has released. The tool allows for easy launching of NFT championings and will be available on the web and mobile platforms.

hyype, a next-generation NFT curation platform, is on the lookout for its first champion — an NFT collection with stones representing the digital environment. The site is hosting a friendly competition to see whose collection would be the first to earn some “hype.”

Some of the most well-known blue-chip artifacts from the NFT world are up for grabs. Bored Apes, Cool Cats, and other CryptoPunks compete to see who has the greatest trinkets on the street (chain). After that, the winner will have the distinction of being the first collection to go live on Hyype.

The “Alpha Race” is made up of 13 different sets in total. And all you have to do to demonstrate your support is use a wallet to log onto the website and represent your assets. Setting a profile photo, selecting a team, and adding a bit of backstory all get you points. The collection with the most points at the end of 72 hours wins. Owners of such highly sought-after items will get entry to one of the world’s most elite clubs.

Hyype is a new kind of social media platform for NFT fans and curators. Constructing a unique hive for non-fungible fanatics. So, join the hyype Discord to learn more about the competition and propose a collection for the next round.

Click here to see the hyype website.


Hyype Guarded Launch Searches for its NFT Champion. The “defi news” is a decentralized platform that allows people to create their own digital assets and launch their own ICOs.

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