One of the earliest, if not the very first decentralized application (DApp) to launch on Ethereum was CryptoKitties. The game is a breeding and trading simulation that uses NFTs as its primary assets. It’s also an example of how blockchain technology can be used in games, with extremely profitable gameplay for players who know what they are doing but still provide those who don’t want to jump into crypto gaming a safe introduction.

The “opensea” is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade NFTs. This particular hack targeted the opensea, which was hacked and the hacker stole over $2 million worth of NFTs from it.

Hunter Becomes Prey as Hacker Targeted in NFT Retrieval Mission

World of Solana (WOS) turned on a hapless hacker to assure their rapid retribution, using inventive tactics to turn the tables on one of the industry’s most unwelcomed residents.

UnchainedNFT suffered tragedy earlier this month when malicious actors penetrated the project Discord and stole a lot of valuable assets. Over 150 $SOL ($6,200) and 25 WOS NFTs were relieved by the diabolical parasites in all. Three of them were at the top of the World of Solana collection’s tier.

World of Solana decided to be creative in the aftermath of the cowardly theft. They developed a brilliant scheme to recover the waylaid NFTs and surreptitiously boost the royalty price for the stolen collections to 98 percent by contacting their development partner, Cyber Frogs. Then wait for the objects to appear in the Magic Eden undergrowth.

1/ We’re ecstatic to tell you about a wild World of Solana community story:

We have successfully conned @UnchainedNFThacker! ‘s

@CyberFrogsNFT and a sniper, shoutout to our community! ❤️💯 #NFTCommunity #Solana #SolanaNFTs (full story)

May 25, 2022 — World Of Solana WOSup (@worldofsolana)

True to form, the mark reappeared in the dead of night, offering all 25 NFTs for sale. The WOS community’s vigilant eye informed its elders, who snatched 15 of the renegade objects, while a sharpshooter managed to escape with the remaining 10. All 25 NFTs, on the other hand, were quickly returned to their respective owners, demonstrating their good nature. Meanwhile, the unfortunate criminal was left to consider what had just occurred.


“Rogue sharks nft” is a story about a hacker who was targeted by rogue hackers. The hacker had to retrieve the money he lost from his account, but as soon as he did, it got hacked again. Reference: rogue sharks nft.

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