The HTC Viverse is a blockchain-powered virtual world where people can buy, sell and barter in the digital currency. The company announced plans to develop its own public network that would allow users to interact with each other without having any access or control of their data.

HTC has announced that it is going to create its own metaverse dubbed Viverse. The metaverse will be a virtual reality world with the HTC Vive headset as the only way to enter and exit.

HTC Plans to Create its Own Metaverse Dubbed Viverse

HTC, which was once a smartphone superpower, is looking to expand its services into other developing technology fields after its relative collapse over the last several years. These services include virtual reality, augmented reality, and 5G, all of which are based on the metaverse and NFTs. 

HTC’s multi-faceted intentions were revealed last month at Mobile World Congress 2022, when the firm suggested the establishment of its own metaverse environment, dubbed ‘Viverse’ (a play on HTC’s virtual reality brand, ‘Vive,’ and ‘Verse,’ which represents life’s chapters).

The new metaverse, according to HTC, will provide users with a variety of Vive-inspired avenues of engagement, including WebXR-enabled consumer services for creating their own virtual world, a Viveport for VR games, a Vive Bytes NFT marketplace, Vive Connect as a cross-platform service to the metaverse, and Beatday, a holographic music platform.

“Viverse, is our version of the metaverse; an immersive, endless world of exciting new experiences, and a seamless doorway to other universes in partnership with our partners,” a business spokeswoman said. VIVERSE allows us to make a lot of wonderful experiences and inspires us to value our life.”

The business also plans to provide virtual environments for art lovers, such as Vive Arts, a visual art exhibition, and VR Originals and VR Chat for film projects. 

HTC plans to develop Vive Commercial, which will serve as a launchpad for any Vive-related business operations, in order to capitalize on all of the projects.

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