Hot Wheels is partnering with WAX to create a set of vIRL collectibles, powered by the blockchain. A new generation of Hot Wheels toys will be made available on the virtual marketplace for in-game items in 10 different games that support WAX’s ERC-721 token standard.

The “hotwheels cars” is a partnership between the toy company and WAX. The set of vIRL collectibles includes six cars, each with their own unique features.

Hot Wheels, the die-cast classics, are the next big name to join the WAX blockchain. Their combined efforts will result in the release of a one-of-a-kind series of vehicle-based collectibles.

Following up on their “Hot Wheels Garage” collection from June, this is Hot Wheels’ second major appearance in the NFT world. An excellent selection of high-quality digital materials that quickly sold out.

This time around, though, “Hot Wheels Garage – Season 1” brings a whopping 40 different racers to the blockchain, each with four degrees of rarity. There will be a variety of them, including common, uncommon, premium, and Treasure Hunt (NFTH). In addition, as part of the WAX vIRL program, premium and NFTH tier NFTs may be redeemed for real-world actual products.

On November 16, at 10 a.m. PT, Hot Wheels vehicles will appear on the blockchain, with “unboxing” taking place three hours later. The packs will include four and ten cards, respectively, and will cost $15 and $35.

In addition to the major drop, Hot Wheels will hold a live broadcast leading up to the launch on November 13 where visitors may claim a free Hot Wheels NFT sticker as a warm-up for the big event.

For a piece of the action, go over to the WAX blockchain.

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