The future of football is cryptocurrencies. This partnership will bring the value of NFTs in a new and exciting way, as well as adding an innovative element to football culture.

The “nft sports” is a new crypto-collectible that is based on the football. The game will be released on October 1st, and will have a total of 5,000 items.

'Homa Games x Sorare Jam' to Boost Utility of Football NFTs

The fourth edition of the HOMAJAM series, Homa Games x Sorare Jam, is now available. The Jam is a project aimed at enhancing the usability of Sorare’s NFT Football Legend Cards, and it invites both beginner and expert game makers to submit prototypes of fun mobile games that include the NFTs as playable characters.

Until the Jam’s opening ceremony on February 4th, participants may register on Homa Game’s website. Participants will have until March 4th to create and submit their prototypes after the event.

Homa Games will provide continual assistance to participants during the month of development to help them build and exploit their ideas. Participants may also take part in a workshop with mobile and blockchain industry specialists hosted by the mobile gaming platform.

The winner of the Jam will be chosen by Homa Games and Sorare, and will get an impressive ‘Grand Prix’ reward that includes all critical access to publishing prospects with Homa Games, as well as a pack of Sorare Fantasy Football Cards worth over $7000.

Three Sorare Fantasy Football Card packs worth $1500 will be given to the developers who show the greatest CPI (cost per install for mobile), playtime, and retention metrics in their prototypes, in addition to the grand prize. There will also be awards for the ‘Homa Games Favorite,’ ‘Jammer’s Favorite,’ and ‘Most Active and Helpful’ prototypes, as well as an unique present for each subscription.

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