One of the most anticipated games this year, chosen ones, is now available to play on iOS and Android. Its a free mobile game that will introduce you to digital collectibles through earning new cards while playing the game. If youre already into crypto or like collecting NFTs in your favorite games then dont miss out!

The highly anticipated Play to Earn game, Chosen Ones, launches a NFT collection. The game is a collectible card game that allows players to earn and trade digital assets in the blockchain. Players can start earning tokens right now by playing the game.

Highly Anticipated Play to Earn Game Chosen Ones Launches NFT Collection

As the effect of blockchain continues to pervade the business, the world of online gaming is rapidly changing. The Chosen Ones is one such game.

The gaming business has been on course to expand its worth enormously since it became possible to earn prizes that could be converted to real-world money, as new play-to-earned titles are released.

Traditional games, on the other hand, provide a significantly wider range of titles, compelling plots, and magnificent visuals, while the most popular play-to-earn games have failed to do so. This is set to change, however, with the much-anticipated release of many games, including the Chosen Ones project, which was created on Unity.


The Chosen Ones is a next-generation auto battler that allows players to earn money while playing. This play-to-earn game, developed by Good Gamer and released by Fork Gaming, is sure to be a hit with gamers of all levels. Good Gamer has a lengthy history in the eSports industry, and its new company aims to integrate conventional eSports players into the crypto gaming realm.

Chosen Ones will release its NFT collection before the game’s formal debut, which is planned in the next quarter. A sequence of 10,000 characters will be included in the collection, each with millions of different combinations. In the Metaverse, the characters will be employed for battles or as avatars.

The Chosen Ones game takes place in the fictitious Godland’s eight kingdoms, where god-selected warriors compete for ultimate dominance and rewards. Each fighter is a unique erc721 NFT, and the game is produced and constructed on the Binance Smart Chain.

In this tactical game of skill, players will recruit heroes and customize them with a variety of powers to help them combat opponents around the kingdom. In essence, a well-crafted squad will be the difference between winning and losing, making the Chosen Ones a game of talent rather than chance.


Chosen Ones promises unrivaled mind-blowing visuals never seen before, and based on the artwork thus far, the game seems to be on track to deliver on that promise. The fact that these heroes have been created with the utmost attention to detail, with each holding distinct skill sets, attributes, and qualities, sets them apart.

Players who have the most uncommon heroes will be able to win more in-game tokens and get extra benefits in combat prizes. The first batch of the Chosen Ones legendary heroes – the rarest of the Godland’s realm warriors – will be released on April 1st, along with 10,000 other characters.

Earnings from the Chosen

Users may earn money in a variety of ways, including when a hero is bought, leased, bred, or won. For example, the game’s governance token may be purchased, but play-to-earn tokens can be acquired by playing the game or renting out a hero or item.

Users will be able to purchase, rent, breed, or customize a hero using governance tokens, which may also be used to win multipliers, energy boosts, or staking.

A strong token economy, according to the game’s creators, is the key to the game’s play-to-earn model’s long-term viability. The team has devised a three-token method with deflationary measures to accomplish this.

To begin, the game will use a multi-pronged staking structure that will help to drive demand for the game’s tokens. Because both investors and gamers may keep the tokens for rewards, and the game will have a marketplace that allows players to breed and improve heroes, the game’s NFTs and in-game money will be more stable.

When used to purchase, rent, or breed, 100 percent of the play to earn tokens will be burnt to maintain the ecosystem. When used to purchase heroes or equipment, however, 75% of staking reward tokens will be burnt, with the remaining 25% going to those who stake for more than 90 days.

Staking reward tokens will be won by staking a hero before the game’s debut, however after the game’s launch, staking rewards will be obtained by staking governance and playing to earn tokens. To purchase the most powerful heroes, energy, and goods, you’ll need to stake reward tokens.

Team of the Chosen

The success of Chosen Ones will, in the end, be defined in great part by the project’s personnel. Fortunately, the squad is guided by seasoned gaming veterans who have overseen one of Latin America’s most successful esports organizations. Diego Foresi is the CEO of Infinity esports, which swiftly rose to prominence in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events.

Ricardo Lara, the company’s president and founder, co-founded, one of North America’s most successful native advertising firms, and is currently focused on introducing NFTs and play to earn games to Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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