The Hic et Nunc economy was shutdown by the game creator, leaving players in a lurch. A new blockchain-powered platform is being created to give back those who lost their investment and build a better future for online games.

Hic et Nunc Finds a Solution After Sudden Shut Down

The abrupt disappearance of prominent CryptoArt shop Hic et Nunc has caused consternation on NFT Twitter since last week. The platform shut down without warning, its smart contract was tweeted, and the Twitter profile was altered to ‘discontinued.’

It seems that the enigma that had been troubling the space has been solved. Although it is unclear why Rafael Lima, the founder of Hic et Nunc, chose to shut down the popular NFT marketplace, a solution has been discovered. Lima was apparently fed up with Hic et Nunc, and in the true spirit of decentralization, he has given over the platform to the community, which will now run as a DAO.

Rafael Lima, the creator of @hicetnunc2000, has been in contact with members of the admin team and has agreed to decrease the present HeN contract price to 1%. As a result, has handed over control of the mirror to the @TezTools community.

November 14, 2021 — hicetnunc-community (@hen community)

The community’s reaction to the platform’s unexpected shutdown was not totally favorable. Many people felt duped, and some even said it was a rug pull, which has been happening more and more often in NFT territory lately. Despite the fact that the website’s interface has vanished, all of the listed NFTs’ memorialized smart contracts can now be found on

Hic et Nunc was created in March of this year and soon gained notoriety when it overtook OpenSea in terms of daily users in May. Due to its reduced gas prices and improved energy efficiency (it utilizes the Tezos blockchain rather than Ethereum), the platform was quickly adopted by both artists and collectors. Hic et Nunc had over 48,000 dealers and generated $50.37 million in transactions before closing a few days ago.

So it’s up to the community to decide what happens next with Hic et Nunc. Users may be assured that their NFTs are secure for the time being, and that the platform will most likely revive stronger and better than before.