The Hennessy launch party was a success, with the event sold out and generating $1 million in revenue. The brand has created crypto-based collectibles that can be traded on the blockchain for real world perks including time spent at some of their most exclusive events and private whiskies tastings.

The “Hennessy Launch Burnable NFTs Distilled with Physical Perks” is a series of limited edition bottles released by Hennessy. The bottles are made from copper and come in a variety of colors.

Hennessy Launch Burnable NFTs Distilled with Physical Perks -

Hennessy, a French cognac company, has entered the crypto world with the issuance of two NFTs. The sole owner of the NFTs will be able to experience cognac in a completely new light, as they will be able to choose whether to consume the world’s most renowned distilled liquor in digital or physical form.

On January 12th, the two Hennessy NFTs will be available on spirits NFT site BlockBar for a huge price of 70.47 ETH ($226,450). The buyer will get two NFTs upon purchase, representing physical and digital ownership of the first and final bottles (1 and 250) of Hennessy 8, the cognac house’s limited-edition expression. The NFTs also serve as evidence of validity and the right to have actual bottles supplied on demand.

A commemorative sculpture, a Baccarat-blown, engraved carafe, a pipette, a cork holder, an Arid Levy-designed chest, 4 antique tasting glasses, a customized validation plate, and a numbered certificate are included with the physical bottles. A complementary excursion to the magnificent Hennessy estate in Cognac, France is included in the physical packages.

The owner might also choose to keep the actual asset packaging in BlockBar’s security vault. They will be able to exchange the bottle’s digital tokens on the BlockBar marketplace as a result of this; but, if the physical packaging of a bottle is redeemed at any time, its associated digital token will be burnt, removing its capacity to be traded permanently.

If you missed out on the drop or just cannot afford it, a bottle of Hennessy 8 is still available for the (still-hefty) price of $39,820.

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The “non fungible tweet” is a token that can be used to purchase goods and services from the Hennessy Launch Burnable NFTs Distilled with Physical Perks -.

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