The Ocean Cleanup Foundation is creating a new type of token that can be exchanged with sponsorship to support their mission. This project has the potential to raise millions and help protect our planet’s oceans from plastic pollution, but it needs your help!

The “nft collectibles” is a new type of cryptocurrency that has been developed to help save the oceans. The project uses Tubular Turtles as its symbol and they are available for purchase on the NFT marketplace.

All seven turtle species are classified as endangered or threatened. By 2050, the ocean will have more plastic than fish. The ocean contains 97 percent of the world’s water, and the ecosystem urgently need our assistance. What can you do to assist in the preservation of this priceless ecosystem? Of course, you should join the NFT movement!

Tubular Turtles, an upcoming NFT endeavor, is a fun and quirky NFT collection with a reason. The project’s staff hopes to build an active and enthusiastic community around the notion of conservation, one that is willing to take action to protect the environment and the world’s precious seas.

The plan includes intriguing potential that benefit both the environment and the community. New projects will be unlocked once each phase of NFTs is sold. Helping with ocean conservation efforts and sponsorship programs, beach cleanups, receiving fantastic rewards in ETH or tangible stuff, or becoming a paid brand ambassador are all examples of this. Brand ambassadors will be given the opportunity to participate in unique cause-related events around the United States, with both travel and lodging expenses covered.


The MEGA Treasure Hunt, which will take place in the Hawaiian Islands, is one of the most anticipated events. A number of owners will be flown over at random and will go around the beautiful island, solving riddles and clues on their route to the ultimate prize. Participants will have a chance to win over $150,000 in cash and gifts (including a brand new Tesla Model 3 for the second place winner!).

On October 31, 2,000 NFTs will be distributed at a price of 0.05 ETH apiece in a presale. Following the presale, Phase 1 will begin with 2,000 more NFTs, followed by Phase 2 with 5,950 Tubular Turtle NFTs. Each turtle will have its own unique peculiarities based on hand-drawn characteristics.

Get your ETH ready and help a worthy cause by purchasing a Tubular Turtle NFT.

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