TEZOS, the first ever digital currency to reward content creators with real-time royalties for their work is now available in more than 700 countries and territories. With the launch of its new Guerlain NFT collection “REAVERSE,” TEZOS offers a unique way for fans around the world to enjoy this exclusive cosmetics line without having to buy it at retail prices or waiting impatiently.

The “nft sales” is a new collection of Guerlain’s most iconic scents. The collection includes the likes of ‘Nuit de Guerlain’, ‘Eau Sauvage’, and ‘Guerlinade’.

Guerlain launches NFT collection 'REAVERSE' on TEZOS

Guerlain has launched REAVERSE in cooperation with MNSTR, which will see 1828 NFTs auctioned on the TEZOS blockchain through the OBJKT platform.

The NFTs, dubbed ‘Cryptobees,’ will be auctioned off by the French perfume, cosmetics, and skincare brand as part of a one-of-a-kind real-world project to support the rewilding of 28 hectares of land in Les Mesnuls.

As a result, proprietors of these Cryptobees will be entrusted as “godparents” to one of the Vallée de la Millière natural reserve’s 1828 parcels of land.

“The intention is for the land to offer a unique environment in which researchers can study and observe the reduction of human impact on ecosystems,” according to a Guerlain press release. It will also act as a center for environmental education and sensitization related to agricultural challenges. The terrain has so far been home to more than 350 animal and plant species. The goal is to keep them alive and well while allowing them to proliferate and thrive.”

On the energy-efficient TEZOS blockchain, Cryptobees, a homage to Guerlain’s bee icon, may be purchased for 20-250XTZ ($65-810). The NFT collection is part of Guerlain’s greater commitment to nature, sustainability, and, in particular, bee conservation, which is led by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie. Furthermore, each cryptobee NFT – which is tied to a piece of land in the natural reserve – has four degrees of rarity. 

Cryptobee rewilding land parcels

“Buying a Cryptobee implies being a sponsor of a portion of this refuge of biodiversity, and thereby helping in its re-wilding,” the news statement added. “What’s more, 28 of the Cryptobees have unique characteristics that will be revealed at random after the auction ends.” Each digital artwork is one-of-a-kind and is linked to specific geographic coordinates.”

As a result, REAVERSE aims to shift attention away from the digital world and into the physical world by providing NFT holders with a piece of land to represent and maintain. Yann and Tom Arthus-Bertrand conceptualized the idea, which is an union of the real and digital worlds that emphasizes our natural world above the virtual metaverse.

Guerlain, one of the oldest and most well-known luxury perfume, cosmetics, and skincare businesses, was founded in 1828, and with the REAVERSE, they want to combine the digital world with their broader sustainability aims.

They collaborate with MNSTR, a brand and narrative agency located in Paris with a client list that includes Microsoft and Adidas.

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