Gamer’s Paradise, a blockchain-powered massively multiplayer online game that hit the gaming market in 2017. The team recently opened up about how they created their own NFTs (nonfungible tokens) ecosystem and made it as fun for players to collect and trade as possible

The “goons of balatroon twitter” is a Twitter account that posts updates about the goons of Balatroon, an NFT crypto. The team behind the project has been interviewed by a writer from Crypto Briefing.

Goons of Balatroon: An interview with the team

The Goons of Balatroon gang took a break to discuss their bizarre collection. We discussed their aspirations to establish a world with its own sustainable economy, as well as its own coin (GOB). A venue where having a good time is a must.

Who are the Balatroon Goons? 

The Goons are sentient creatures that live in an alternative reality where strange things have transpired. In a nutshell, there’s time travel… mutations… greed… corruption… As a consequence, there are 9696 bizarre ERC-721 NFT characters on the ancient continent of Balatroon.

Why are there Goons? What distinguishes you from others? 

Ridicule and hilarity. Consider a world in which everything is a gigantic “Great Accident.” Nothing makes sense at first, but it all comes together in the end and is funny. We were bored of looking at different NFT collections that were simply a clone or remix of the previous one, and we came to the conclusion that one element was lacking in all of them: comedy and enjoyment. Everything is cranked up and adjusted for maximum lunacy, from our primary collection qualities to our Goon Card, game assets. 

Is it possible to improve my Goons? 

Absolutely! The Goon Factory will bring options to add, modify traits and soup up your Goons to get them ready for battles and competitions. The bodies you create offer enhanced stacking bonuses for our native utility token- $GOB. If that isn’t your style, they can be traded separately from your main Goon NFT. Future utility is planned for these bodies, and all other assets in the Goon ecosystem. We see ourselves as creators of value, for our holders, and won’t leave any of our assets behind!  Factory ->

What is the purpose of the $GOB token? 

$GOB is an ERC-20 token that you can use for various things. Among those things are accumulating vast amounts of it, shilling it on Twitter and then dumping it on your followers. Stop, don’t do that! Use it to do more useful things such as: => Renaming your Goons with unique, custom names => Crafting cards (aka breeding) => Customizing Goons further => Buying more card packs => Voting on proposals. As the Goon ecosystem grows even more utility will be added, as with all things Balatroon, your imagination is the only limit there is.  

You can count on having a fantastic time. We’ve come to accomplish just that. But, truly, we will massively re-invest in the GOB brand. This includes buybacks on the floor, free contest gifts, and airdrops to assist your Goons’ worth improve over time. The GOB team will get 0.5 percent of the 2.5 percent secondary market transaction fee, while the remaining 2 percent will be returned to the community wallet.

What is the project’s vision for you? 

We are self-aware degens who broke away from normal society. Our vision is motivated not by selling out a collection but rather to create a universe that will tap into our most primitive impulses through ridiculous cartoons, addictive games and fun communal experience. Our end goal is to grow a fun, multi-functional, recognizable creative brand and continuously provide value to the community that in many ways owns our brand. Our main path for such actualization is providing value through – cartoons, comics & gaming.


What kind of game are you working on?

Goons of Balatroon is a hilarious NFT world with a card warfare game in which player sides use Goon Cards to fight for control of Balatroon and win $GOB tokens for their brave efforts. Unlike other card games, we designed our own original game that is difficult to compare to the top-tier card games on the market. We aspire to be unique, and see this as the ideal opportunity to break out from the traditional gaming mold and create something wacky, exciting, and completely original.

Why would anybody want to put money into your project?

We aren’t merely a game of cards. We are constructing a cosmos with its own self-sustaining economic system. This allows us to appeal to a wide range of individuals, including investors, collectors, and gamers. To keep this economy afloat, we’ve tweaked our approach in comparison to other P2E projects, ensuring that this game is mainly about having fun with a secondary emphasis on earning. We like to believe we have something to offer everyone who is interested in NFTs, whether they are just getting started or have dove deep into the NFT OpenSea in pursuit of the LooksRare.

What’s going on in Balatroon’s Goons right now?

At the present, the Goons project has a jam-packed calendar! Our origin Goon Card NFT packs, which are in-game assets, are for sale. We’re about to release our card unpacker, and it might be out in the world by the time you read this! We’re working on a few collaborations that will enable other NFT projects to utilize their own NFT avatars to gain prizes in our game. While our Goon NFTs will always have the greatest reward multipliers, our partner projects’ multipliers may also be increased! Even powerful communities that have been abandoned by their creators are being considered. We are now looking for “rugged” projects that will return value to their own NFTs in the form of higher multipliers. There’s never been a better moment to join our discord, since we’re giving out prizes every week to new members. There’s even something for collectors. In our novel collect-to-earn metagame, they may use their NFT avatars and Goon cards to fulfill collecting milestones. Last but not least, the beta for our play-to-earn game is soon approaching, with a full release scheduled for March-April. 

What is the project’s schedule like?

Goons of Balatroon Roadmap


If you’re searching for a play-to-earn game that will survive the test of time after all the new releases, Goons of Balatroon checks all the criteria. They have a lot planned for the next several weeks and months, including new card packs and collaborations.

As an example:

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“The goons of Balatroon are a group of rare NFTs that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain. They have been created by the team to help them create and trade their own NFTs.” Reference: goons of balatroon rarity.

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