Gods Unchained is a trading card game that uses NFTs. This article will examine the new update’s rewards system and what players can expect in future updates.

“Gods Unchained when do you get weekend rewards” is a question that has been asked many times. Gods Unchained has released an article on the subject which states that players will receive their rewards at 11:00 AM Pacific time Saturday and Sunday.

Gods Unchained Updates Weekend Play to Earn Rewards

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Weekend tournaments have been a regular feature in Gods Unchained for a long time. As a prize for playing and winning over the weekend, players got packs from the Core set and the most recent expansion. But now is the time to make some adjustments. GODS tokens have been added to the prize pools, and pack prizes have been modified!

With their Ranked Weekend events, Gods Unchained has included actual play to earn (or play and earn depending on your emphasis) functionality. Every week, they distribute hundreds of card packs, many of which are from the most recent expansion set. However, with the introduction of the GODS token and some continuing concerns with players abusing the system, the team made some adjustments to the weekend awards.

Card Pack Bonuses

The Gods Unchained Weekend Tournaments have had a tiny, but unpleasant problem with de-ranking, which is the act of purposely reducing your rank before the weekend so that you may fight lesser rated opponents while still reaping a decent set of awards. Players of Mythic status who believed they might get more victories and higher prizes if they fought primarily lesser rank opponents did this.

To address this problem, the Gods Unchained team chose to use a carrot rather than a stick by boosting Mythic player prizes. At Mythic level, Legendary pack awards begin at 15 victories and increase to a total of six Legendary packs (three Core and three expansion) for 22 wins and higher! The benefits for expansion packs have also been raised. Even a single Mythic victory nets you one rare expansion pack and two rare Core packs! To earn the same prize level at Ethereal Diamond rating, you’ll need eight victories! It’s a really good reason to remain at Mythic.

This patch isn’t only for Mythic-level players. The quantity of Core packs awarded to lower tiers was also significantly increased. This allows newer players to expand their card collection and expand their deckbuilding choices. For a complete list of incentives at all levels, see the official blog page.

What about $GODS, for example?

gods token unchained artworkWhile playing Gods Unchained, you may earn $GODS.

But hold on! Not only that, but there’s more! The Gods Unchained team has added $GODS tokens to the prize pool for the Ranked Weekend event, as the Blessing of the Gods event draws to a conclusion and the daily quest system remains a future promise. Token distribution, unlike Core packs, takes a little more thought. Bot farmers will flock to any easy-to-reach incentives with quick monetary worth.

As a result, the GODS token awards are skewed toward higher ranks and greater victory levels. The system is based on a point/pool concept. Based on their rank and the amount of victories during Ranked Weekend, each player earns a set number of points. Everyone’s points are tallied at the conclusion, and $GODS tokens are distributed from the pool depending on your proportion of the total points. Players in the Mythic and Ethereal Diamond tiers gain points even if they just win once, but those in the lowest ranks must win at least 20 times to receive any GODS token pool points.

Is There Anything Else That Has Changed?

Matchmaking has also been updated. Matches against players of the same rank are prioritized by the algorithm. If no matches are identified in 60 seconds, the search is extended one rank in each direction. Players no longer need to be concerned about encountering Mythic players, at least until they achieve Ethereal Diamond status.

These adjustments will take effect immediately, beginning with the Ranked Weekend event, which is now taking place. So tinker with your decks, strategize with your plans, and play Gods Unchained to earn!

What is Gods Unchained Ranked Weekend, and how does it work?

On the Ethereum network, Gods Unchained is a trading card game. The game is completely free to play. Anyone may get started with the free Welcome Set and Starter decks by downloading the program.

Every weekend, Gods Unchained holds an official event in which players may receive gifts depending on how many victories they have in their first 25 matches during the weekend (from Friday 4am PST to Monday 4am PST) and their current level. The better your rewards, the more victories you have. As a result, the weekend competition is much more intense than the weekday competition.

Prizes currently available are Core set packs, Divine Order set packs, and GODS tokens. Bonus packets are given to the top ten Mythic players. Anyone willing to slog out 30 victories throughout the weekend tournament will get an additional Rare card pack from the current expansion.

It normally takes a few days for weekend awards to be processed. Prizes for card packs are instantly given, but $GODS tokens must be claimed on the Gods Unchained website. Make sure to connect your crypto wallet to your account in order to get rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money playing Unchained gods?

A: Im not making money playing Unchained, but you can buy it and support the developers.

How many levels are there in Gods unchained?

A: There are four levels in Gods unchained.

How does Gods Unchained work?

Gods Unchained is a new trading card game where players are able to build their own deck with cards from the blockchain. They can play ranked matches and earn gold, which they can use to craft more powerful cards in order to win more games. The player will also have access to three different rarities of cards that offer unique gameplay experiences – common, uncommon and rare.

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