Crypto Fights is a blockchain-powered game that will reward players with digital assets. The number one ranked player in the game can take over 72 hours of labor to create, while the most coveted prize—the crown—takes more than three weeks to produce and could go for as much as $10 million USD.

The “crypto fight game” is a new upcoming NFT game that will be released soon. The game is currently in beta, and there are many features that players can enjoy.

Get Ready for Battle in the Upcoming Crypto Fighters NFT Game

The ultimate Crypto Fighters Tournament is coming to the NFT realm, thanks to Crypto Fighters, an NFT endeavor inspired by the marvels of superb martial artist inside the Defiverse, Sekai no Senshi. Players will be able to explore a high-utility and distinctively interactive environment that is more than simply an NFT collection as part of the project.

The Environment

The Crypto Fighters ecosystem will feature its own marketplace, currency, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), staking, and utility NFTs. Holders of the NFT collection, which will be published shortly, will have access to the future Crypto Fighters environment and play-to-earn game.

NFT holders will also be eligible for exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and community governance. The community governance program allows users to be part of the development and management process of the project. A community reward system will also be set in place with regular Q&A sessions, previews of game development, monthly community-led raffles and giveaway drops of extra items.

After the token launch, an NFT staking function will be implemented with the purpose of assisting holders of the Sekai no Senshi NFT collection. You will get more tokens if you possess more NFTs!


The Museum’s Collection

NFTs will be offered in two varieties: a limited-edition Crypto Fighter Collection and Character Special Item NFTs.

The primary character, Sekai no Senshi, is a hero and a guru of well-being in the gaming and crypto worlds, and the Crypto Fighters collection is based on him. The master’s qualities will be carried through to the NFTs. Different backdrops, clothing, and headpiece assets, as well as accessories and a combat weapon arsenal, will be available. Once minting begins, there will be an even bigger selection of products with varying degrees of rarity.

When the complete game is available, only individuals who have purchased at least one Crypto Fighter NFT will be able to play it. The future native token will have play-to-earn game elements, which means that any NFT holder will be able to win prizes by playing the game.

Fighters will be able to customize their fighter with thrilling armament, amour, attire, and accessories from the Character Special Items NFT Collection.

Crypto Fighter NFTs will be mined starting on December 12, 2021, at 13:00 UTC, with a price range of 0.07 to 0.1 ETH each NFT. The money earned from the NFT collection will go toward the game’s development.

The Game

Players will be able to face other Fighters, choose additional gear items from their arsenal to increase stats or add special attacks, and move ahead of their opponents in the next play-to-earn game.

Both players roll virtual dice to choose who strikes first at the start of each new combat. During each round, the attacking player decides where to hit the opponent, while the defender chooses two of four defensive zones. Each of the characters will have a unique ability that you may use after your special meter is full, in addition to conventional turn-by-turn gaming (this meter fills up by taking damage). Each battle is won by the last man or woman remaining after the opponent’s HP has been drained.

As development progresses, more information will be provided; nevertheless, there are currently plans in place to create a massive 4v4 battle, tournament events, awards, and much more.


The Creators & Innovators

The crew, which will stay secret at initially, was inspired by the world-famous fighting games, which have been tasked with documenting the history of their respective championships. Each team member is an expert in their respective crypto fields. They’ve come to bring together the crypto world’s competition and intellect, as well as the correct philosophy and knowledge.

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The “profitable crypto games” is a new game that will be released on the Ethereum blockchain. The game will feature NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens.

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