Cryptocurrency has been a huge part of the past few years, and it looks like blockchain technology is going to be impacting all aspects of society. In this article we will discuss how one company plans to use cryptocurrency mining in a new way that can benefit players while also supporting charities!

“you must set your bag before mining alien worlds” is a popular cryptocurrency that has been around for quite some time. The company recently released a new update to the game, which includes Halloween rewards.

Halloween-themed activities abound on the blockchain as “Spooktober” approaches its eventual climax. Wax Gamer has joined up with Alien Worlds and StarCards for some ghoulish fun and activities in honor of today.

The activities have begun and will continue until Halloween’s witching hour. As a result, gamers must seek four distinct wastelands inside Aliens Worlds for “Creepy Creature” NFTs. In all, 225 may be found, with three separate animals each weighing 75 pounds. Participants may go to Nefty Blocks to mix these helpful items and obtain a ticket once they have a set of three. Following the event, each ticket will be redeemable for a fantastic prize.


StarCards has also joined the event, and as a result, they are offering an additional set of fantastic prizes. Spooky pumpkins, in addition to the Creepy Creatures, may be found in qualifying sections of the Alien Worlds terrain, with three varieties of 75 each. To acquire an NFT artwork from an OG Wax maker, combine each set of three elements on Nefty Blocks.

All competition-related goods are divided into four Alien Worlds areas, as shown in the figure below. Participants have until October 31 at 23:59 UTC to submit their work. So, go to work.


Here’s how to start mining in Alien Worlds >>

Put Pumpkins and Creepy Creatures Together >> Here


Alien Worlds is a cryptocurrency that offers staking rewards to players. The game also has a Halloween event, which will be rewarding players with special items and discounts. Reference: alien worlds staking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mine Nfts in alien worlds?

A: Im sorry, there are no alien worlds that have nfts.

How do you get more tools in alien worlds?

A: The only way you would be able to get more tools in alien worlds is by picking up additional items from the ground.

What is owner profit share from mining alien worlds?

A: The owner profit share is the amount of money that you get for mining alien worlds. Its calculated by dividing the total number of alien crystals mined into how many are owned, then multiplying this result by 100%.

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