VeeFriends Series 2 is a new collection of trading cards from Gary Vee, featuring the most popular and influential crypto influencers on Twitter. Each card features unique artwork that hints at personalities behind each account – all for free to trade, collect or keep!

Gary Vee is a famous American entrepreneur and the founder of VaynerMedia. His new product, “gary vee nft collection”, is a set of physical collectibles that are NFTs. This means that they are non-fungible tokens.

Gary Vee Releases VeeFriends Series 2 NFT Collection

The VeeFriends NFT Project has progressed to the next level, with the introduction of 15 new characters in Series 2 of the VeeFriends Universe. The collection’s debut, which includes 55,555 tokens, will take place across four minting sessions.

Gary’s original hand-drawn figures from the previous series are reimagined and pushed to the next level as 3D characters with new backdrops and stances. Each NFT character has a distinct backstory.

Series 2 has 251 characters, including the 236 from Series 1, as well as the addition of 15 new characters to the VeeFriends Universe. VeeFriends Series 2 intends to maintain the value of Series 1 holders while also allowing new members to join the group.

The Friends List and a Series 1 free claim were the initial parts of the launch, which took place on April 18th. The public mint will begin on April 25th with a total quantity of 10,000 tokens. The characters’ artwork will not be released until the public mint has ended.

On April 27th, the last minting session will begin, with Gary’s 15 new characters joining the fold. The mint price will be $995, based on Ethereum’s pricing the day before the launch. To acquire your NFT, go to and connect your wallet!

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Gary Vee has released a new set of trading cards called “veefriends.” The cards are available in the form of NFTs. Reference: veefriends trading cards.

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