BAYZ is a startup that aims to build the first decentralized e-sports platform on blockchain. With this new funding, they will expand their team and pursue long term goals of decentralizing all aspects of modern gaming while providing lucrative opportunities for gamers, streamers and developers alike.

Gaming Startup BAYZ Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding Round

BAYZ, a new game firm, just received $4 million in venture investment. The money will help the group achieve its goal of introducing individuals to the metaverse and educating gamers about the benefits of play-to-earn gaming. A part of the proceeds will go to a community-controlled fund as well.

Yield Guild Gaming was the primary investor in the seed round, with Ascensive Assets, Fabric Ventures, Valor Capital, Arca, and others also participating. Bitkraft and Delphi Digital, as well as angel investors Sebastien Borgot (The Sandbox), Aleksander Larsen and Jeff Zirlin (Axie Infinity), and Nickev, were among the round’s participants (RumbleKongs and reNFTLabs).

Joo Borges and Matt Rutledge, co-founders and mobile eSports veterans, founded the self-described gaming guild in October 2021. With the rapid growth of NFT and blockchain-based gaming, the organization has expressed its intention to deliver play-to-earn platforms to people who need them the most, beginning in Brazil.

To do this, BAYZ plans to invest in and cooperate with renowned blockchain developers to implement technology in content production, competition, and eSports. BAYZ hopes to create an industry-leading framework to support its eSports and other play-to-earn endeavors inside the blockchain gaming ecosystem by doing so.

BAYZ is on Twitter.