First announced in September, Gamestop’s marketplace lets gamers sell or buy new and used games on the blockchain. The company plans to add more cryptocurrencies to its platform soon, though it has been slow getting off the ground due to lack of interest so far.

Gamestop steps in once again to rescue the day by launching its lovely new NFT marketplace at what some refer to as “the worst moment to start a crypto project ever,” as if realizing the market was in desperate need of some light-hearted news to lighten up the oncoming crypto winter.

The new GamestopNFT store, which contains over 250 collections and 54k unique NFTs of various quality, has effectively debuted to the general public after moving from its private to public beta phase. All of them are combined into a recognizable yet user-friendly user interface (UI) that offers purchasing, selling, trading, and minting capabilities, as well as instructional content and practical platform metrics. However, certain users may need a VPN in order to access its resources.

Collectors may either connect a recognized third-party wallet or Gamestop’s own non-custodial wallet to get started. Gaming NFTs are oddly lacking for now, but ImmutableX compatibility will soon be available, bringing with it top games like Gods Unchained, Illuvium, and Ember Sword.

GamestopNFT has had more than its share of jeers since its debut, largely because of the time of its introduction. Despite this, sources claim that it has already surpassed CoinbaseNFT, a fellow latecomer and glaring underperformer.

In the previous 24 hours, volume on GameStop’s NFT Marketplace exceeded $1,000,000 (around 1028 ETH). 60 percent of all lifetime sales on the Coinbase NFT Marketplace

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