GameStop is launching their Cryptocurrency and NFT Wallet in beta, to serve as a platform for its customers. The wallet will facilitate the trading of cards, digital items (such as skins), and cryptocurrency within GameStop’s ecosystem. This new feature could be seen as an extension of what games like Fortnite have been offering players with their own virtual currency–a move that caught many off-guard but is slowly becoming more prevalent across industries.

GameStop has announced the launch of its new crypto and NFT wallet. The beta is available now.

GameStop Launch Crypto and NFT Wallet in Beta

GameStop, the nostalgic gaming retailer-turned-Web3 explorer, has released a beta version of its crypto and NFT wallet after announcing intentions to establish a $100 million-backed NFT marketplace in February. 

Users can save, transmit, and receive crypto and NFTs via (and without leaving) their web browsers with the GameStop Ethereum-based crypto and NFT wallet, which also lets them to engage with Web3 applications while surfing. The wallet is also non-custodial, which means users may access their funds using a private key and a secret recovery phrase, and it can be used with a variety of hardware wallets. 

For the time being, the beta wallet is only accessible as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Brave, but according to the company’s website, it will soon be ready for general adoption as an iOS iPhone app.

The wallet is being released in advance of GameStop’s introduction of an NFT marketplace, which is expected to be online by the end of July, according to the company’s fourth-quarter financial report in March. The wallet will be smoothly integrated into the marketplace upon launch, and customers will benefit from lower Ethereum gas prices because to the platform’s inclusion of Layer 2 protocol Immutable X.

Download the wallet >> Here


GameStop, the world’s largest retailer of video games and electronic entertainment, has launched a beta version of its new digital wallet for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and NFTs. Reference: gamestop launches wallet cryptocurrencies nfts.

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