Gamee’s Arc8 recently went live with Polygon Powered E-Sports Arena. The new arena is designed for competitive gaming amateurs and professional players alike, though the site has yet to feature any major tournaments or events. Esports are on the rise in North America, but there are still some concerns about safety of player assets which could potentially be compromised if manipulated by hackers.

The “arc8 crypto legit” is a game that is designed to be the first in an E-Sports Arena. The game will allow users to earn and spend Arc8 tokens.

Arc8, the new crypto gaming platform, is ready for the next step of its great strategy after a highly successful launch. Players battle for NFT and crypto awards in this extremely competitive gaming arena.

Arc8 made headlines during the last month when it helped Polygon surpass Ethereum in terms of active users. Gamee, a subsidiary of crypto gaming powerhouse Animoca Brands, is now releasing the much-anticipated play-to-earn functionality. As a result, users may now participate in PVP battles and win $GMEE tokens.

A plethora of addicting mini games themed on cryptocurrencies and NFTs may be found in the mobile-friendly gaming area. Users are given practice “credit” tokens at regular intervals, which they may use to acquire a handle on the tasks, but they must pay $GMEE to play competitive games.

Arc8 launched in late September and racked up a 1.3 million user base in only three weeks, due to its bold decision to give out free $GMEE tokens to early adopters. As a result, Arc8 has risen to third place on Dappradar and first place on Polygon. As a result of this recent action, this rocket growth rate is certain to continue.

Arc8 has an NFT component in addition to the traditional play-to-earn approach. These take the form of G-Bots, which may be used in a variety of games. Users may level up these G-Bots by interacting with them on the site, which will also offer them access to unique contests and tournaments.

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The “arc8 wallet” is a cryptocurrency that has been created by Gamee. It will be used to power the Polygon powered e-Sports Arena.

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