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Gama’s adventures are all about making a difference for people living in poverty – fighting hunger and creating opportunities through charity gaming. You’ll also find unique products from top-tier companies like Nintendo, Riot Games (League of Legends), BOOMco., Disney Publishing Worldwide (Disney Princesses) and more on sale this year too.


GAMA, the Global Association of Media and Entertainment is a non-profit trade association that promotes and protects the interests of the global media and entertainment industry. They are now recruiting for new members to join their team.

GAMA announced the 2.0 release of their NFTs on February 28, 2022.  They are recruiting 10,000 crew members to embark on this great journey to space to the GAMA Space Station Metaverse.  GAMA’s team is based in Los Angeles, California, USA and is a multinational group combining serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and top leading artists.  The GAMA Space Station Metaverse, powered by Unreal Engine & proprietary AI, the GSS will be a virtual world of immersive social experiences, new forms of entertainment, and innovative gaming mechanics.  They saw the opportunity Web3 was creating and shared the belief that community driven principles can lead to incredible possibilities. They look to build GAMA with the same global principles and ideas as their diverse backgrounds that compose the team: Metaverse, Clean Energy, Space, Technology, Art, and Entertainment. 

GAMA is a web3 platform that is being developed in three stages: NFTs, the GSS Metaverse, and the search for the GAMA Token. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digitized copies of digital or physical items that are linked to a smart contract. A smart contract is a digital counterpart of a real-world contract that is managed by a computer program that cannot be changed or updated after it has been established, making it incredibly secure. The metaverse is a digital representation of a world that is comparable to that seen in video games.

Are you ready to become a member of the GAMA team?

In 2042 humanity can no longer ignore the impact of the industrial exploitation of Earth’s natural energy resources.  For technology to continue to advance, GAMA must look beyond our stars to harvest alternative energy resources from other planets. A private corporation has recruited elite crew members to form the GAMA Organization to develop methods of off-planet clean energy harnessing. After 33 years of research & development, GAMA is now ready to send crews to mining operations & fuel the progression of life on Earth.

GAMA is looking for 10,000 people to serve as crew members for seven critical operating ranks: Captains, Cooks, Medics, Scientists, Engineers, Mechanics, and Security. The Captain is the most unusual variation.


Diplomatic, Duty, Formal, Leisure, and Transit are the five levels represented by each operational rank’s basic outfit. Within the crew community, different ranks will be necessary to complete various assignments. Imagine walking into the GSS Metaverse with your character and going to concerts, missions, or live performances with other NFT avatars. 


The gear, not the type, is the most prominent element of the NFTs. The gathered gear is divided into the following eight categories:

1) Background – Color or graphic for the background.

2) Helmets, glasses, and masks are worn on the head.

3) Chest – Equipment worn on the chest

4) Shoulder – Equipment worn on the shoulders.

5) Backpack – Equipment carried on the back.

6) Special – Access to restricted areas or airdrops

7) Job Titles: Captain, Cook, Medic, Scientist, Mechanic, Engineer, and Security

8) Garment – Color changes in the base garment

By accumulating crew members as NFTs, you may quickly climb the ranks. This will also provide you access to the GAMA Space Station Metaverse, as well as future staking advantages in the field of sustainable energy harvesting.

Join the community to get ready for the flight!

How are GAMA NFTs created?

All GAMA NFTs are independently rendered in Cinema 4D, Octane Engine and Unreal 5. The same engines used to create blockbuster video games.  These NFTs are not just simple pictures either; they’re all plug and play ready for the GSS Metaverse.  The gear of the characters will be the focus of the NFT, not the figure itself as GAMA’s intention is to provide everyone the opportunity to represent themselves in their metaverse.  The gear will include items like headgear, shoulder gear, and chest gear that are randomized to generate 10,000 NFTs that can be collected and traded.  These NFTs also come with different rarity levels based on the crew member rank, gear & background color.

Embark on a journey into the GSS Metaverse.


The GSS Metaverse is being led by a team that has worked with Marvel, Lucas Films, & Warner Bros. They have built virtual experiences with projects like Star Wars, The Mandalorian and Dr. Strange to name a few.  This metaverse will allow collectors unique interactive opportunities, such as a zero gravity experience in Club Hyperdrive, or the chance to see special guest speakers in the Forum. This will be the pink slips for the 21st century. Along with unique social experiences, owners of GAMA NFTs will also have the opportunity to unwind with their own personal living quarters called 42-G.

When Will GAMA Be Available?

GAMA 2.0 will be released on Monday, February 28th, and the GSS Metaverse will be released in Q2. The goal for the next year is to launch and polish the GSS metaverse, as well as to start researching and developing a renewable energy project. For further information, go to and look at their roadmap.

The crew has been working really hard to make this launch a reality. In this new Web3 environment, they rapidly grasped the need of establishing a community-first organization. Coming from Web2, it was a new attitude for them, but they never looked back. This new sector is changing the way businesses are established, which piqued the team’s attention and encouraged them to remain focused on their tasks. They predict that as the industry matures, the most significant shift will be the virtualization of social, gaming, and entertainment experiences. Despite several barriers, they overcome them by believing in their long-term goal and doing what they believed was right. The most difficult task they faced was creating a full universe from scratch, as well as a community to support them. They feel that the world will be attracted to what they are building as a consequence of their efforts, but they are aware of the present market leadership competition they are in. Other projects claiming to provide a metaverse experience with antiquated visuals are their main rivals, whereas GAMA built a modern-looking metaverse from the ground up using powerful gaming engines like Unreal Engine. The GSS Metaverse experience will also include live performances by well-known musicians from across the globe. They’ll keep adding value by creating a new Web3 social and gamified experience in the GSS metaverse, as well as working on a future solution for carbon negative mining. They are planned the launch of the GSS metaverse and the creation of a new planet inside it for the following year, as well as the start of research and development of a renewable energy system.

So, what do you have to lose? Be a part of the future! On Discord, you can get development updates, communicate with the team on Telegram, get the newest screenshots on Twitter, listen in on their AMA on Clubhouse, and visit their website to read their roadmap and mint your own NFT.

What resources can I use to learn more about GAMA?



[email protected] EMAIL: [email protected] EMAIL: [email protected] 

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, United States of America


TWITTER: nft TWITTER: nft nft INSTAGRAM: nft INSTAGRAM: is the URL for the website. OPENSEA: nft CLUBHOUSE: nft CLUBHOUSE: https://www.clubhouse. 

LINKTREE: https://gama

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