Funko is partnering with Cryptozombies, creators of CryptoKitties. The new Pop! figures include Captain Picard, Spock and Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as Khan Noonien Singh

The “nft collectibles” is a new type of crypto collectible that has been introduced by Funko. These items are available for purchase on the website and through the app.

Funko Welcomes Star Trek NFTs to the Pop! Family

Funko has partnered up with ViacomCBS to introduce Star Trek-themed NFTs to the platform. Funko is known for their disproportionate, bobble-headed souvenirs. As a result, collectors are encouraged to channel their inner geek and participate in the fun. It’s pointless to fight.

Funko is paying homage to the original Star Trek series by reimagining fan favorites in its unique aesthetic. As a result, collectors may now have Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Khan, and a slew of other characters. As a result, they demonstrate their support for the long-running series.

Funko Pop! with a Star Trek motif! On November 30, at 2 p.m. ET, characters will come through the WAX blockchain, presenting 120 distinct cards with six levels of rarity. The first two, “legendary” and “grail,” may be exchanged for an actual physical toy.

Funko cards come in two pack sizes: Standard packs with five cards cost $9.99, while Premium packs with 15 cards cost $29.99. There seems to be a “very irrational” two-cent price for this extra luxury, with no advantages listed. Packs may be purchased using the app, as is customary with Funko Pop! NFTs. Individual cards are also tradeable on the secondary market after the original sale. For additional information, join the Discord.

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