FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This week we talked about the future of decentralized exchanges!

FUD FAQ | A Weekly Community Thread | Week 45

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  • Are there any other announcements or developments we should be aware of in the run-up to the inaugural Realm Runway event on February 12th during New York Fashion Week?

As we prepare to launch our first IRL+digital Runway event, the models and designers are focused on the task at hand. NFT tickets will be sent out this week; be sure to bring them with you when you arrive. Join us promptly when doors open at 7pm to get the most out of this first-ever, one-of-a-kind event.

This is your opportunity to jumpstart your web3 fashion career and network with a slew of talented individuals with complimentary skillsets that are seldom considered in conventional fashion: models, stylists, MUAs, and a slew of others. Located in the center of New York Fashion Week.

  • What makes CC0 such an important technique for unlocking the benefits of web3 and spreading awareness? Why is there still so much apprehension about it?

It’s no surprise that so many independent creators seek protections against the assumption that anything new would lead to greater abuse, since that’s all they’ve ever known from those in charge of the content industry for decades. Every creative has been informed that everything they produce belongs to those who are more powerful than them, that all material, including creativity, must be locked down at all times to protect the powerful from the creative. All of this, though, is for our own benefit. So, first and foremost, be quiet and take it. Second, we delude ourselves into believing that big declarations in ad campaigns, youtube videos, and instagram accounts that are continually threatened with closure will really alter the world. Finally, behave as if imitating the behavior of these corporate abusers on a small scale by enveloping ourselves in bogus copyright claims would somehow shield us from all of the abuse we continue to suffer.

CC0, on the other hand, gives us profound and multi-layered power. In this context, the most important aspect is how it takes power away from those who have a long history of abusing it against us, prevents them or anyone else from cutting off our access to information and creativity, and actually protects us from the real scarcity of creative liquidity that every artist should be concerned about.

This is an interesting thread that covers a wide spectrum of VC activity in the market. However, one important element is missing: with web3, concentrated money that sits in locked-down pools isn’t required. Traditional VC backroom agreements, even the so-called clever ones, are no longer required since no-strings-attached money is wildly available thanks to the leverage of open ledger books and the compounding incentives of shared liquidity pools. Finally, if VCs are well-intentioned, as some undoubtedly are, they can buy and sell in this open market with no restrictions— deal flow doesn’t get much better than that.

The ludicrous notion that the metaverse is 10 years distant is the greatest clown crap take in this statement. I’m not sure where to start with this one. Best of luck, guy.

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